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Oct 7, 2001 09:19 PM

Cheese platter from the picnic

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By the time the cheese contest rolled around, I was too stuffed to even consider trying the cheese.

So I wrapped the whole plate, and today I shared it with my sister and her husband. I had already looked at the answer sheet, but I made them guess.

They didn't fare any better than the rest of the cheese contest participants, although with some hints Sis got the Wensleydale and Bro-in-law correctly described a couple of them, even though he couldn't name them.

Then we all dug in and ate most of it for lunch -- since we had some left over (except for the decadently delicious triple creme, which we polished off), I think it was safe to say each plate served four. Fortunately, I had my cholesterol checked last week, not this coming one (g).

All three of us were impressed by both the quality and the generosity of the offerings -- there had to have been at least $25 retail of cheese on each plate.

So we would all like to thank everyone who made the cheese plates possible: both the donors and the organizers.

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    Melanie Wong

    I took mine home too. Took it out of the fridge this afternoon to let it come to temperature, but I haven't been able to face it yet. Some really lovely esoteric cheeses.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong
      Brandon Nelson

      Tanya and I were lucky...

      Lise, Tanya and I managed only a tiny dent in the cheese plate we shared. The rest of it came in handy last night when we had another couple over for cards.
      It did however take the 4 of us to consume such generous cuts. I often allow myself 2 new cheeses to sample when I go out shopping. This event managed to further my curiousity.


    2. I have to say I was completely stumped at the cheese contest! Hats off to the Columbus, Mollie's, and, particularly, to Marcy for selecting such an excellent variety of rare and delicious cheeses. My personal favorite was the blue, the name of which has to go into my PDA for my next cheese binge. . .

      Here's to more cheese tastings among the cheesehounds!

      1. I too was stuffed--I think my very full dessert plate put me over the edge, but envious of the great looking cheese platter (luckily I got a few tastes from Brandon and Burke!). But I missed the naming of the cheeses. What were they? (Weren't you and I counting ballots during the 'revelation,' Ruth?) Sounds like there were a few to put on the shopping list!

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        1. re: Lise

          Yeah, you and I were counting ballots, but I managed to snag a printed copy (with names and descriptions) later (and then left it at my sister's!). Maybe someone can post the list.

          It's hard to remember the names because only one of them was familiar (Wensleydale), but I definitely committed the name of the decadent triple-creme (Jean Grogne) to memory. One of the other semi-firm cheeses I believe was called Matos St. George and is from your neck of the woods (Santa Rosa).

          1. re: Lise

            The cheese's . Jean Grogne, Wensleydale, Chaubier, Matos St Geroge, St Agur, Berger d Rocastain. Thanks For chowing ~~~ I am glad you all enjoyed them ~~~Great choices for a cheese platter for any event. Can be found at Mollie Stones San Mateo. Come see me ~~Marcy

            1. re: Marcy

              Marcy: The cheese tasting was wonderful! I shared my plate with 5 Chowhounders and still had left overs (but not much!) Question on the cheese list you posted--are those in order starting at the right of the walnut?

              1. re: jenniferfishwilson

                Yes, thank you for sharing. Tim and I really made out like scoundrels at the picnic.