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Jan 3, 2006 08:55 PM

Canton Gourmet Express is No More

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The idiosyncratic Lao menu at Canton Gourmet Express is no more. The place is being renovated to become La Copa Tropical: Salvador-Mexican. But since the guy's wife is from the Philippines, there are at least a couple of Filipino soups on the menu. The owner hinted they may add more such items. I imagine they won't open before the end of the month.

Honey garlic ribs, banana flower, gui ba fish, I will miss this very challenging and worthwhile experience.

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  1. sad. very sad

    1. any word on where Sandy's going?

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      1. re: Jamie D

        I only spoke with the young man who will run the new restaurant

      2. w
        Wayne Keyser

        About "I always dreamed of opening a restaurant" experiences:

        "I opened a charming neighborhood coffee shop. Then it destroyed my life." article in SLATE online magazine

        I got the impression this was very much the case with the owner. And I'm sorry to see her dream go bad.

        1. Got the update today that they didn't close due to poor business - they closed b/c they wanted to try something else. They didn't like what that experience was and so they're back in business again in Burke somewhere. Will post as soon as I get the details.

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          1. re: Dennis S

            Thanks for the update. I hope the new venture has something to do with Lao cooking!

            1. re: Steve

              Steve, I knew you'd post on the update - I didn't think it would be this thread. Hopefully I'll find out today. Turns out that a coworker is childhood friends with Sandy's daughter, so I'm getting the scoop and then heading there as soon after as I can (hopefully this weekend).