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Oct 6, 2001 01:18 PM

where did this restaurant go??

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forty years ago I went to this wonderful Italian restaurant in North Beach?Tenderloin? called the Gold Spike. I still dream about the delicious meal there. Maybe it has been so long ago that I've built it up in my mind over the years or it really was that good. Is it still there does anyone know or maybe it's gone?????

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  1. Sure, the Gold Spike's still there. Can't vouch for the food, since I've never eaten there, but they're still at 527 Columbus Ave, (415) 421-4591. They've been in business since 1920.

    1. This place is still going strong and has many regulars as well as tourists. It is on Columbus St between Union and Green in North Beach.

      I used to eat there once in a while in the 70's. I recently ate there with a regular (she eats there at least once a week). The pot roast was very good and a huge portion. The veal stew is also good. I used to get the Crab cippino but they didn't have any. Pasta and soup, which come with the meal are only so so, but the salad and antipasti that also come with the dinners is outstanding. Great old atmophere and they still have all those dollars and business cards stuck to the walls and ceiling. Worth a visit. Not chi chi food, just very down home.