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Oct 6, 2001 01:45 AM

Some of my favorite S.F. eateries

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My friends and I seem to keep gravitating back to Best Thai Noodle on Haight and Masonic--I sometimes eat there twice a day--when you are sick, or are coming down with the flu, their Hot and Sour Chicken Soup with lemongrass and mushrooms will make you feel sooo much better---plus, you can bring your own beer or wine. We also like Ali Baba, near Haight and Fillmore, for their lamb shwarmas (their lavash is homemade, I think) and their hummus, and their falafels, and their shish kebab--near Berkeley, we like Cafe Colucci for Ethiopian food. Has anyone been to A Cote,in Oakland on College Avenue, near Rockwood? Was it all that? I hate yuppieish or touristy places; was it either?
Yours in delicious eating,
P.S. My favorite place for tongue burritos is La Cumbre, in The Mission on 18th and Valencia. Coincidentally, it was also the late Joey Ramone's favorite place for ANY burrito. He must have been a fellow chowhound.

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