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Oct 5, 2001 08:51 AM

Good Luck for the Chowdown

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Just a brief one to say I hope it all goes swimmingly tomorrow at the SF Chowdown.

I wish I could be there but the dreaded Frankfurt book fair looms and there are bills to pay.

I hope that delightful SF weather keeps fine for you!!



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  1. Simon, thanks for the nice thoughts. I've met some other hounds at small dinners but this promises to be something else entirely....very exciting. It looks like we may have some of our famous fog/grey in the morning but we can huddle around the mesquite grills for warmth...while eating fabulous food!

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    1. re: gordon wing
      randy salenfriend

      Gordon, I think you are correct about the weather but we're used to it, right? I'm reminded of Herb Caen's prose, "The cool, gray city of Love". See ya tomorrow.

      Randy Salenfriend

      1. re: randy salenfriend

        Herb Caen may have used "cool, gray city of love" but he was quoting the poet George Stirling. There's a monument to Stirling with this quote in a park on Russian Hill.

        And yes, tomorrow looks like another foggy, foggy day. Usually you can count on sunnier weather this time of year ....

        1. re: Ruth Lafler
          Stephanie Tate

          I LIVE by Golden Gate Park; please tell me WHERE in the park the Chowdown is being held. Alas, I have to work, but want to come by and buy a T-shirt and meet some of my fellow chowhounds who ingest NOTHING short of delicious.
          Yours in delicious eating,


          1. re: Stephanie Tate

            Stephanie--not sure if the picnic organizers were able to sneak you in, but please forgive them if you didn't hear back. Organization of this was a major undertaking, and the people running the picnic were way overwhelmed with last minute issues.

            Waiting to hear from everybody about how it went...


            1. re: Stephanie Tate


              sorry we didn't get back to you, as jim said time prevented playing on chowhound the night before.

              all tshirts at the park were already spoken for and paid as our permit expressly prohibited selling of anything in the park, but we did have some extras printed up to send to the chowstore, so when that's up and running you should be able to get a "chowing with the hounds 2001 10K" shirt thru jim.

              sorry you weren't able to make it, we had a wonderful time!


      2. simon,

        thank you for your good wishes. as gordon mentioned we're most likely in for some of our famous fog in the early hours but they promise it will clear up later in the day. and i agree with him about huddling around the mesquite grills-not only will we eat well, we'll smell the part too!

        thought you might want a little preview of the dishes we'll be sampling:Paella on the grill, Zuppa de Pesca, Turkish Frittata,
        Upside down Spoonbread Tamale Pie, Cold Mango Soup, Devils Food Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate Mousse Torte,Misiam(sp? a singaporesian dish), Creme Caramel, Maple Butter Tarts, Seared Ahi with wasabi, etc., handcranked Peach Ice Cream.

        and that's just the beginning!

        Wish you could be here with us, thanks so much for your well wishes and for sending the very best prize ever! there are many reporters so we hope all the details will be covered. also look for the pictoral essay we hope to compile. have a digital photo you'd like to send of yourself? we could demystify our british friend!

        thank you again, have fun at the book fair. you'll hear from us soon.


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        1. re: Rochelle

          I know I'm not alone as I wait with excitement for the report--with pictures, please! Have a great time!

          P.S. BTW, what's the prize from Simon? I missed whatever post explained. Thanks.