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Dec 28, 2005 10:43 AM

Les Halles Washington DC

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As anyone eaten at the Les Halles in washington dc. I love simple french bistros. Any experiences would be greatly apperciated.



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  1. Eh. I went once and wouldn't go again. Not interesting in the least. Les Halles in NYC is supposed to be much better.

    I am not sure what good place in Washington is really going after that quality of a simple French bistro.

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      For a good French bistro in DC, try Bistro D'Oc on 10th street across from Ford's Theater. Great food, moderate prices. There are other bistros around DC that have been mentioned here.

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        I second the recommendation of Bistro D'Oc. I had lunch there last week while touristing in DC. I had a very tasty duck confit.

    2. We went and liked it very much. The service was great - very relaxed and friendly (and lovely french men to look at). We had the Frisee aux lardons, steak frites, and the Moules frites. Everything was delicious. The setting is beautiful and the location is convenient. What more could you ask for??

      1. I like Les Halles. It's where I go to drink Kir Royales and check out the people in suits. The food is decent, there is always a little buzz going on in there and the service is good.

        For something more casual and loud I go to Bistro du Coin.


        1. I think the Les Halles here is average. I work nearby, so I enjoy it occasionally for what it is--a laid back, satisfyingplace to linger over a meal or a glass of wine. It's got a nice range of menu options, price-wise, and the atmosphere is pleasant. But I would never, not ever, describe the service as "great." It is... laissez faire.

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            I like Les Halles for lunch, or for a late dinner/snack when you can sit outside. The duck confit is very good, and the little, square sauted potatoes they come with are to die for -- and whatever they are sauted in will probably kill me. I order the dish with the frisee salad on the side, rather than mixed in with the potatoes, which is how they serve it.

            I recently went for lunch and ordered their signature standard steak and frites from the menu -- the steak wasn't very good. But I still like the place.