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Dec 22, 2005 10:47 AM

Bagels in Silver Spring/Wheaton?

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Notice I didn't specify "great" bagels, since I know they are not to be had.

I've just been informed that I am bringing bagels to a family get-together on Saturday, and was specifically instructed to make sure some of them were egg bagels.

Where can I get decent bagels (including egg) in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area?


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  1. Try the Parkway Deli in Silver Spring.

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    1. re: RL

      I was wondering if Parkway had good bagels. I ate there recently (after not having been there in many years), and bought several items from the bakery case, and was disappointed with all of them.

      For instance, Black Forest cake was made with frosting, not whipped cream. Abomination!

      Do you know if the bakery items are made in-house? Maybe somebody else makes the bagels.

      1. re: Mallomar

        You know what, I've never been to the Parkway Deli, but have heard rave reviews. Thought I'd just throw out the suggestion in case you were nearby.

        1. re: RL

          I do like the food at Parkway, but not their baked goods (cookies, pastries, cakes). But I don't know where they get their bagels -- maybe a different source than the sweet stuff.

    2. Sniders Supermarket

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      1. re: cccoagirl

        No kidding? I didn't know Sniders had good bagels. I never go to Sniders, because I can't deal with the parking. It's very close by, though.

        1. re: Mallomar

          The sane people use the MC parking lot across the street- which is free a lot of the time and Sniders will pay the fee if not. Besides being able to get wine and beer in the grocery store, no matter how busy and crowded it is, you will never, and I mean ever wait in the check out line. That to me is wortht it's wait (no pun) in gold.

          1. re: cocoagirl

            I'll have to give Snider's another try. I don't have any other grocery store that I really like. The local Giant has gone downhill (especially the bakery section, since they closed their own bakery facilities) and I only go there because it's so close by.

          2. re: Mallomar

            I will chime in in support of Sniders also. They have very inexpensive produce and are very responsive to customer demands. Parking is not too bad if you are able to go during weekdays. The bagels are good at times (squeeze them) and they also have bialys.

            1. re: shellymck

              I can shop on weekdays, so I'll try it. Last time I was there was a weekday evening, and there was a line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot. I do remember getting some good produce.

              1. re: Mallomar

                There's also a county parking lot right across the street from Sniders. Meters are probably free on weekends...

                1. re: Sal Monella

                  Yes, meters are free on weekends, and pretty cheap on weekdays, like 25 cents for an hour. Snider's will also will pay for it, ask the cashier. We never bother. Moreover, they have bag persons (alright, boys), who will shlep your bags to your car. We usually tip them a dollar, but you don't have to. The lines, if any, at the cashiers move real fast. And the bagels, decent, not excellent (of course), and cheap.

                  1. re: personne

                    Holy cheapskates... you should always tip those kids at least $2

                    1. re: heel38

                      Well, that was FIVE YEARS AGO, so maybe inflation has caught up.

        2. Wow, this is an old discussion.... Now, there is a Goldberg's Bagels in Silver Spring, on Georgia Avenue southbound, right before 16th Street.