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Oct 4, 2001 02:06 PM

Joe Grinds His Own Chuck

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Got a raise a howl here for Cable Car Joe's on Mission just south of Silver. Good brood food.

OK, let's list everything awful first: the frozen prepackaged fries and onion rings, the mayo, the absolutely weird accompanying things (check your melon slice, it could be green). Take them home and feed the hyena.

But there is no better burger.

Joe actually does grind his own chuck, every day, or maybe he gets someone to grind it for him. Maybe there should be a coffee place named Chuck's. I think you can see where this is going.

The Steak a la Joe and whatever that other steak thing is (rib eye?) are delicious too. And they've got those real malted machines. Suggested accompaniments for your burger: the mushrooms, the Bermuda onions (cooked if you wanna).

Food Dog Man says four arfs.


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  1. The Best Burger in the area IMO. When a friend first told me about Joe's Cable Car, I thought it was the Cable Car on Geary near Masonic. That place is alright, but it doesn't hold a candle to Joe's. Actually, I thought the french fries were decent or at least not bad.

    1. I may have to correct this after I try Joe's but for now I can only say that the best burger to be had in the SF area is at Mo's, in North Beach, on Grant between Vallejo and Green. Fresh, home ground, hand formed and charcoal broiled while you're looking at it, done exactly as you want it (a chart on the wall defines the 5-6 available degrees of doneness). I have never had any better.


      1. The burgers & shakes rule here.

        But demerits include uninspiring french fries and plastic plates & utensils?!? Wassup wid dat!!!