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Dec 9, 2005 09:09 AM

Who remembers Vesivius Pizza?

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I've just moved backed to DC after a 20 year hiatus overseas. The city has definetly changed and I haven't yet decided if it is for the better or worse. One of my regular stops for food use to be Vesivius on the corner of Q and Conn. It is now a place that sells wraps. I am depressed about its absence but someone could make me feel better if they let me know where I can find a place that sells decent pizza by the slice in the Dupont Circle area. Thanks!

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  1. I think it was Vesuvius like the volcano. :) I used to work across the street. I miss a lot of things over there. Food for Thought. Paru's Indian. Cafe Petitto. Sorry, can't help you with current places for slices. Good luck!

    1. there's Alberto's on the south side of P St, just west of 20th. I learned from this board that their pie is emblematic of Chicago thin style - their slices are big, indeed very thin, and well-seasoned, very different from what I remember of Vesuvio's pizza, but it'll do.
      welcome back

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        For pizza by the slice in Dupont, it would be hard to do better than Alberto's. But their deep dish pizza is definitely not worth ordering.

      2. I'd say Albertos for near Dupont. You could always metro up to Vaces and get what I think is the best pizza in town by the slice

        1. You can't get a decent slice of pizza in Dupont, or the Golden Trangle/Farragut area. It does not exist, and a shame that is. Albertos is barley OK, as is Washington Deli at 20th and K. There is a new place that is slated to open in the Farragut Square food court - Presto Pizza. Maybe they'll be all right, let's hope so.

          1. It has changed for the worst...