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Who remembers Vesivius Pizza?

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I've just moved backed to DC after a 20 year hiatus overseas. The city has definetly changed and I haven't yet decided if it is for the better or worse. One of my regular stops for food use to be Vesivius on the corner of Q and Conn. It is now a place that sells wraps. I am depressed about its absence but someone could make me feel better if they let me know where I can find a place that sells decent pizza by the slice in the Dupont Circle area. Thanks!

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  1. I think it was Vesuvius like the volcano. :) I used to work across the street. I miss a lot of things over there. Food for Thought. Paru's Indian. Cafe Petitto. Sorry, can't help you with current places for slices. Good luck!

    1. there's Alberto's on the south side of P St, just west of 20th. I learned from this board that their pie is emblematic of Chicago thin style - their slices are big, indeed very thin, and well-seasoned, very different from what I remember of Vesuvio's pizza, but it'll do.
      welcome back

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        For pizza by the slice in Dupont, it would be hard to do better than Alberto's. But their deep dish pizza is definitely not worth ordering.

      2. I'd say Albertos for near Dupont. You could always metro up to Vaces and get what I think is the best pizza in town by the slice

        1. You can't get a decent slice of pizza in Dupont, or the Golden Trangle/Farragut area. It does not exist, and a shame that is. Albertos is barley OK, as is Washington Deli at 20th and K. There is a new place that is slated to open in the Farragut Square food court - Presto Pizza. Maybe they'll be all right, let's hope so.

          1. It has changed for the worst...

            1. Definitely agree that Vace's is the best (and least expensive) slice of pizza around - -mushroom topping is disappointing - but Wraps does have good mashed potatoes - decent side salad and the Colonel Mustard wrap is quite good -

              1. I remember downing many a gyro platter there after an evening of imbibing, and listening to the ramblings of the homeless guy in the corner. I miss Food for Thought as well (they've relocated to the lobby of the Black Cat, but it just isn't the same), just because that's where i met my wife on our first date. Instead of vegan food, you get bojolais nuveau, chewing hanger steak, and lots of french attitude.

                Don't know if they're still around, but there used to be a greasy little dive next door to the Cozy Corner south/west of Dupont. They had a pretty good slice, but their cheesesteaks were better. Probably priced out of the neighborhood, like Restaurant AV.

                1. I TOTALLY remember Vesuvius Pizza. Before moving here, I checked out places to live over the days between Xmas and New Year's '95 when the govn't was closed (read: no tourist sites to see), and spent each night at Vesuvius since it was close to where I was staying. That brought back a flashback!

                  1. I am sorry to say I've never again found pizza as good as Vesuvious. And I don't know about you, but I don't want pizza that is good, but "very different" from Vesuvious. I want thin greasy pizza and that is what I want. If you have found pizza in this town that is just like it, please post!

                    1. what ever happened to the place down on NY Avenue? near the library. Great white pizza. Frequented by Jack Nicholson

                      1. Oh yeah that was AV Ristorante. Still there?

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                          Still there and still open. But they'll be closed by this time next year. They cut a deal with a developer to turn it into condos. Next to Luigis, it's probably the last oldschool red-check tablecloth Italian places left in DC. White pizza, broccoli rabe, house red, Mario Lanza on the Stone Age juke.

                        2. pitty, then there was the place on connecticut north of the zoo, with the grapevines growing in the garden. roma?

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                            Roma moved from Cleveland Park to Mount Pleasant years ago, but it wasn't the same. The new owner just bought the name, but the food wasn't anywhere near as good. Then they folded and became a pizza place called Radius selling overpriced, mediocre pies.


                            Gusti's at 18th and M NW had good cheap Italian as well, iron grillwork outside covered with vines. But they folded years ago. The ground floor is now a Chipotle; upstairs is a Malaysian place called Penang

                          2. I'd second what's already been said about Vace in Cleveland Park, though I realize that's not Dupont Circle. Having been on a pizza quest in DC the best I've come up with in Dupont has been Sette Osteria (though they only serve whole pizzas and inexplicably don't slice them unless you ask -- bizarre).

                            Although it's not in Dupont I've enjoyed slices at Palisades Pizzeria on MacArthur Blvd...somewhat reminiscent of Vesuvius (which I, too remember with great fondness).

                            1. The Owner now has a nice restaurant in Columbia, MD. Hickory Ridge Grill
                              6420 Freetown Rd. #120
                              Columbia, MD 21044

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                                I'll have to give it a try next time I'm headed back from Baltimore. Although I'm sure the food's still good and greasy, I wish they'd retained some of the squalor of the original Vesuvios. Maybe they can hire a resident junkie or homeless person?

                              2. Oooh! What a blast from the past. I loved the slices at Vesuvius. For other fans of their yummy, greasy slices, you may want to check out Luciano"s when you're shopping at Tysons Corner Mall. It's located in the corridor outside of Lord & Taylor's upper level. It's the closest I've had to Vesuvius in my end of NOVA.

                                1. Loved Vesuvio's too. It's been awhile-----