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Oct 2, 2001 06:15 PM

Lunch near Bodega Bay?

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My wife and I are headed to Sonoma via the Marin Coast. Any thoughts on a place to eat? Yes Hiko, I know there will likely be many tourists, but that's ok with me. Also, isn't there a winery in Bodega Bay? Sean Thackery or something? All their wines are named for constelations. I tasted an '87 Mourvedre from them not long ago and it was outstanding. Are they still there? Any input (even non food destinations) is welcome.

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    Melanie Wong

    Here's a link to an earlier thread on Bodega Bay.

    Thackery is actually in Bolinas I believe. And like other enterprises in Bolinas, keeps a low profile. Ann Leneave and I were discussing his Orion at our gathering in Napa, an amazing new world expression of Syrah. The only bottles I have were gifts, too rich for my blood, although I'm always happy to be offered a glass. Pleides is the less expensive cuvée.


    1. River's End is VERY difficult to get in - soo many people reserved this place. Best to call them up ahead of time. Last time, I ended up at the bar.

      I remembered the bar tender highly recommended the coconut shrimp which was not that good IMO. But I peeked at the food on the others' tables - they looked pretty good.

      I also remembered there were many tourist traps in this area although I cannot specifically remembered all the names. I remember trying one restaurant highly recommended by the local guide and turned to be greasy fried seafood that are not very tasty.

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        Shepherd B. Goode

        Had good meals at Point Reyes Station in Point Reyes Station, over the last few years. Everything from bar snacks to lunch to sit-down dinner. Not pretentious, we've gone in straight from a day on the cliffs or the beach, and always had friendly and attentive service. Can't recall specific dishes, somehow dessert comes to mind...

        We've usually dropped in, or called at most two hours ahead.

        1. Since posting my original question, I've been informed that we won't actually be going through Bodega Bay rather heading north at Valley Ford. So I guess I'm looking for things south of there. I guess the bit about Pt. Reyes Station still fits the bill. Thanks for the suggestions and sorry for the mixup.

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            Melanie Wong

            Maybe you can give us a first hand report on Dinucci's in Valley Ford.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Dinucci's in Valley Ford is an old time Italian restaurant - checked table cloths and red sauce. I stopped by and looked at the menu but haven't tried it yet. I did meet someone who lives nearby and likes to take his family there....very reasonable prices & large portions...lots of stuff hanging on the walls....

            2. re: Detlef Chef

              If you go to Point Reyes, be sure to stop at Cowgirl Creamery for terrific cheese, deli, etc. Also, the bakery next door makes fabulous bread in a wood-fired oven.

              1. re: Nancy Berry

                If you are in Pt. Reyes Station, my favorite stop is the Pine Cone Diner - a classic little place with a counter and booths - but with much better food than most diners.
                They have homemade desserts and great milk shakes, especially the expresso milkshake with ground beans....mmmmm.

                1. re: gordon wing

                  Jeez folks, thanks for the suggestions. It's looking like Pt. Reyes will be the best place to stop as we can sift through the miriad of choices you've all given us. On another note, we'll be visiting one of my favorite new cheese producers Andante Dairy while we're up there, so I'll be sure to give a report when we get back. In addition, I'll be sure to take Dixieday's lead and ask that local cheese buyer about some others.

            3. Well, since you are going to be there in the middle of the day, what you should really do is get a nice bottle of chardonnay or a six pack of your favorite beer and head down to Hog Island Oyster Co. in Marshall, about ten or so miles north of Pt. Reyes Station on Highway 1, order yourself however many dozen oysters you can handle and have a picnic on the picnic benches right there. You have to shuck them yourself, and while they do have oyster knives for you to use, I usually find its best to bring my own. On a nice day there are few things I'd rather be doing! It ain't elegant, but it's a great culinary experience!

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              1. re: Rafe Mazzeo

                Man, that is right up my alley. However, my wife isn't a big fan. She's a wonderful person with a very adventurous palate, but just not into oysters. I could eat about a hundred myself.

                1. re: Detlef Chef

                  You might both be happy stopping at a deli, picking up food for both, THEN go to Hog Island Oysters for great setting, food, company. HIO provides grills for bbq-ing oysters, if that is more palatable than raw. Pt Reyes Station has some GREAT takeout opportunities. You could also find Marin Cheese Company (Rouge et Noir) on the road to the coast.

                  1. re: Detlef Chef

                    A 100 oysters, eh? Sounds like a scene worthy of Cool Hand Luke! (My own record is up there too ....)
                    Anyway, I hope you get to Hog Island sometime soon. For this trip, you are obviously well set up with advice for food.

                    One last place that wasn't mentioned: the Bovine Bakery in Pt. Reyes Station has great pastries, both sweet and savoury: I recall a really delicious gruyere croissant there once ....
                    Check out the bookstore right next door too!

                    1. re: Rafe Mazzeo
                      Melanie Wong

                      I've never hit the oyster century, since I am a dainy femme. But you reminded me of a story. Hog Island folks often appear at charity events in Sonoma County. One time I stepped up to the oyster bar as a male admirer spotted me. He said to the oyster man - Melanie can have as many oysters as she'd like, put 'em on my tab.

                      I smiled sweetly, we chatted a bit, and moved on. I suspect he was surprised at the end of the night to find my 3 dozen on his bill. (g)