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Nov 22, 2005 06:03 PM

where to buy a fried turkey

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where can i buy a fried turkey in gaithersburg/rockville area? i don't want to do it myself. thanks

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    1. re: Lowbar

      I called Popeye's and yes they did take order for tday for fry turkeys. However, they did tell me that the turkeys were fried at some place else (I'm assuming a factory somewhere), frozen then ship to the popeye's store. When you pick it up, (store manager told me) it will be in that frozen state. For some reason this did not sound all that appealing to me so I skipped it. Anyone buy the popeye's turkey and how was it?

      I am still also looking for place that will sell a fried turkey or fry a turkey I bring them.


      1. re: Soup

        I haven't tried it, but Magruder's ad says that they will roast or fry your turkey for you.

    2. Where can I get a fried Turkey in Baltimore or to whom can I take my turkey to get it fried? Thanks

      1. Where can i get a fried Turkey in Washington, DC

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