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Nov 20, 2005 11:49 PM

DC Dinner Buffet

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For a super-casual, inexpensive fun bday dinner I'd like to gather a group of friends and eat buffet style.

I live in the Dupont Circle area in DC.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. as you can tell, this is my first time on chowhound :)

    i forgot to mention that i am interested in any type of buffet menu with the exception of indian. our group of friends has had their fill of indian buffets...


    in washington, dc only.


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    1. re: Juanita

      I think there's a chinese buffet on 14th st. in Thomas Circle. Have never eaten there, but heard of one there. It's called the City Buffet.

      1101 14th St NW

      1. re: RL

        You're right. Place is good and at 1101 14th ST. Check out their menu.


      2. re: Juanita

        You may want to try Armand's Pizza, decent Chicagl-style deep-dish. The one near me (in the 'burbs) has a pizza/salad buffet one night each week. Call the D.C. locations to see if they have the same.



        1. re: Eric

          I'll second the Armand's off Mass near Union Station. Consistent reliable pizza at a decent price. Not drowned in butter unlike some other Chicago pizza places. I'm looking at you Unos.

        1. re: Marquessa

          My mistake was going to Phillips in the sumer time (August I think). Sweltering at lunchtime. Inadequate AC and little air circulation. Raw tuna, sushi (very little variety) and such was kinda warm on the chill table - there was no ice - they set wicker baskets and platic bowls directly on the table which was not chilling thoroughly. For a place known for crabs, there were no crabs on the buffet menu. Lots of fried chicken and other breaded things though. For the price, you are better off walking a hundred yards to the wharf and buying a nice seafood lunch or dinner on a styrofoam takeout container. Yea, the place may have been good once. Now it's a tourist trap. If you can drive out to Alexandria, the chain of Old Country Buffets offer better food, quality and value.

        2. Sorry, but Phillips food is inedible -- it's pure salt and breadcrumbs.

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          1. re: Marissa

            Damn. You got breadcrumbs with your salt? All I got was the salt!

          2. At the JW Marriott on Pennsylvania Ave, they have a cafe downstairs that has a fantastic lunchtime prime rib buffet. they are also known for their warm bread pudding. All you can eat, peel and eat shrimp, carvery and salads.