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Nov 20, 2005 07:43 PM

crab season

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We are planning to visit Fulton, MD and want to come during crab season. What is the season for hard shell crabs and is it different for soft shell crabs? Mahalo.

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  1. Come in July. That is the best time imo. You can start to get crabs in the beginning of June but July is prime time. August is good too

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    1. re: Marc

      Actually prime time for Maryland crabs is winding down now, from about late August on the MD crabs become fatter and tastier. I think September/October is the best time!

      1. re: Hon

        Agreed, always felt the best crabs were in late Sept/early Oct.

        1. re: oddlite

          Great time to get them! Heavy as rocks and the meat is nice and dense. I've noticed that the prices seem a bit better too.

          1. re: MarkF

            Oh man, now I gotta get some, this is making me hungry!

            1. re: MarkF

              Completely agree that later in the season is the best -- crabs are heavier AND the price has often come down a bit from the early season. Mid-September to early October would be my choice for visiting the area, not only because of the crabs, but because of the weather, too.

      2. The commercial crabbing season in MD ends, I believe, on December 15th. It generally starts in April. See:

        The soft shell season is cradled within the hard shell season. It runs from approximately late-May to late-August.

        Hope this helps.