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Nov 20, 2005 10:12 AM

re. first timers to DC

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We are a family of four going to DC for the first time in Dec. Need suggestions for must eat places. The kids are 9 and 11 so they can eat almost anything-and we will need breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are staying downtown near the Capitol bldg. Eager to make lists.

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  1. Definitely hit 2 Amys for awesome pizza and good kid-friendly environment (Wisconsin Ave/close to National Cathedral)

    If you're on the Hill - try Eastern Market's Market Lunch one morning (except Sunday) for their pancakes. All are good- I'm partial to the buckwheat but that's me. It's eating at a counter style but cheap and yummy.

    Depending on how adventurous the kids are:

    Thaiphoon (Dupont Circle Conn Ave and S. St.)
    Eat First (Chinatown/Gallery Place on H. St.)
    Old Glory (Georgetown at M. and Wisconsin) - decent BBQ, fun atmosphere and tootsie roll pops for the kids.
    California Tortilla are a good casucal lunch spot scattered around the area
    Can always take the kids to the food court at Union Station for complete sensory/food choice overload!
    If you're looking for an evening treat - try taking the kids to a Cosi for the smores at the table (and a yummy hot chocolate "adult" drink for Mom and Dad!)

    Most of all - do try to get out and explore. This is a great city, we look forward to having you!

    1. If you're going to tour the Capitol or meet with your member of Cognress while you are here (and you should - actually call ahead and arrange a tour of the Capitol), you may want to just have breakfast in one of the Senate or House cafeterias - they're cheap, family friendly and actually the food's presentable. Also as far as breakfast on Capitol Hill goes, Saturday breakfast at Eastern Market is an institution. Also Jimmy T's altho I haven't been there recently.

      and if you're here on a weekday, why not ask one of your Senators (ahead of time) to write a letter to enable you to eat in the Senate dining room.

      "Senators and their staffs, Senate officers and visiting dignitaries can eat at the Senate Dining Room, as well as senators’ constituents if they have a letter from a senator."

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        Incidentally, it might help us to know exactly where your hotel is? If you're really close to the Capitol, you're "on the Hill." If you're staying "downtown," you're a lot closer to the White House than the Capitol. And be aware that the hotel operators like to say things like "within a mile of the Capitol" but that's not exactly in the neighborhood.

        One thing I should've mentioned about the Senate Dining Room is that the dress code is jacket and tie and no jeans.

        But the rest of the Senate and House dining areas are informal. I think that there are some restrictions on non-staffers in the Senate Cafeteria in Dirksen at lunchtime. Check ahead on the web or call your Senator/Rep.