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Oct 1, 2001 02:43 PM

Frothy Japanese tea & bean cake

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Can anyone recommend a Japanese teahouse in SF that serves matcha (the frothy green tea used for tea ceremonies) and traditional Japanese sweets?I'm looking for a restaurant - I don't want to sit through a traditional tea ceremony. Need suggestions ASAP - thanks!!

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  1. Although many places serve Japanese green tea in San Francisco, each of them serve only one type of hot tea.

    I know the Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden has its tea house, but I doubt the Americanized drinking facility serves Matcha.

    Regarding "bean cake", I guess it means manju. I posted the following link before.


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      Unfortunately I don't know of any restaurants that serve o-manju. But you can drink iced matcha or an iced matcha latte at the Tan Tan Cafe next to the Kinokuniya Bookstore in San Francisco's Japantown. They may serve it hot as well.