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Nov 12, 2005 09:15 AM

Hendler's Ice Cream--Baltimore

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Does anyone on the board remember Hendler's Ice Cream in Baltimore, aka "The velvet kind"?
I'm too young to have ever come across Hendler's, but as part of an internship I am working with a collection of Hendler's ice cream molds. This has gotten me interested in the history of the company & any memories anyone might have...

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  1. I do remember the Hendler"s Ice Cream Brand in Baltimore in the late 50's, early 60's. Don't remember much....I was a mere child!!!!
    One thing I do remember is that they made a wonderful Peach Ice Cream that I always enjoyed...

    1. Nelson "Nels" Hendler was a friend of my mother's and I remember his talk of the ice cream and soda fountain in his living room growing up. You may want to try and locate him.

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        Hi..this is Nels Hendler. Who was your mother? We did indeed have an ice cream soda fountain in the rec room, (not living room) in our house on Anton Farms Rd. Please write at

      2. try contacting, the culinary historians of washington. Their members might have memories or sources

        1. Remember it well. They made the ice cream sandwiches that we had at school. I went to school with a granddaughter.

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            Who are you? Roz Hendler is my sister. Was it at Friends School, Park School or Lankinau where you went to school with her? Nelson Hendler, MD, MS (

          2. Hi..I just found this board.. My grandfather Lionel Manual Hendler, started Hendler's Creamery in 1905. My father worked there, as did I, for one summer, but then I went to medical school. Why don't you email me at and I'll send you what i have.

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              Thank you for writing in Dr. H. I think there's a market for good local ice cream if you wanted to re-start the ice cream biz, probably more fun than medicine seems these days. Long lines at Broom's Bloom Dairy near Aberdeen, and they don't even have cool logos or neon signs like Hendler's did.