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Sep 29, 2001 11:35 PM

La Vie and Sophie's crepes

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I tried La Vie's last night for the first time and it was great. After all the mentions on this board about the roast crab, I had to try it. And I loved it! Huge crab with lots of sweet meat and great garlicky taste. The garlic noodles were somewhat of a disappointment, tasting like buttered garlic spaghetti. We also ordered:

La Vie appetizer plate which came with a skewer of 4-5 prawns, 2 skewers of beef, 3 small imperial rolls, and some veggies. The accompanying rice paper was too wet but I still ate happily.

Beef "Look luck": peppery cubes of beef stir-fried with onions. This came with a pepper/lime dipping sauce. I enjoyed this dish a lot but felt that the serving was a little skimpy on the beef.

Curried chicken: chicken breast and onions in a coconut curry sauce. This didn't taste spicy at all when you first put it in your mouth. But after chewing and swallowing, a slow, burning sensation fills the mouth and tingles the lips. I thought that this dish was great, especially with lots of rice to soak up the curry.

Mixed sauteed veggies: nothing extraordinary. Broccoli, cabbage, snow peas, carrots, celery, and baby corn in an oyster sauce. This dish appeased my need to eat some veggies though.

Overall, I enjoyed La Vie a lot. The service was extraordinarily nice and attentive. I think the total bill came out to be ~$25 a person.

Afterward, we went to Japantown to Sophie's crepes. I've never had gelato wrapped in a crepe before and this was definitely a heavenly experience. I chose a dark chocolate gelato in a crepe topped with strawberries. They serve the crepe folded up in a triangle in a paper cone. My only complaint is that this was a bit messy and the gelato melted through the crepe and paper. They had a wide range of gelato flavors as well as fresh fruits, jams, nutella etc. I think a gelato crepe is $3.95 with $.50-1 more for toppings.

Since I'm watching expenditures lately, anyone know how much Ton Kiang costs for dim sum? I've wanted to try this place but I'm worried it may be expensive. I got burned at Yank Sing one time when the bill came out to be over $30 a person.


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  1. Ton Kiang is on the more expensive end of dim sum places, but not as much as Yank Sing. The portions/dumplings are smaller than other places for slightly higher prices, but the service is far better than at say the Hong Kong Flower Lounge (or whatever it is now called) or the Mayflower lounge.

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      Melanie Wong

      Again, a general warning to all - if you eat at Yank Sing during the week be prepared for a sizeable bill. Same for Harbor Village. Go on the weekends for more variety and discount prices.

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        The scary thing is that we were there on a Sunday. In the grand scheme of things, $30/person isn't that bad for a meal. But it's twice as much as I usually spend for dim sum, and we didn't even go all-out at Yank Sing.

      2. La Vie is fine but I have to say that Jamine House, a couple blocks away is some of the best Vietnamese in town. The roast crab is great but so is the entire menu. Also on that block is PPQ#2 which has a great roast crab special dinner.

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          ooopps, that's JaSmine house, and it's on clement and 24 ave.

        2. Glad you liked La Vie. Have to go back there myself soon...

          A couple of years ago, four of us pigged out at Ton Kiang for $65. Don't know if prices have gone up, but that seemed pretty reasonable to me.

          1. I guess the secret's out about Sophie's in J-town. The green tea gelato crepe is the best. Check it out fellow 'hounds-- you won't be disappointed.