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Sep 29, 2001 09:27 PM

The newest Japanese restaurant in San Francisco?

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Cheng's Kitchens Tokyo House(What is the exact name?) located at 1382 9th Avenue must be the newest Japanese restaurant in the city.

Items like Oshingo Maki and Cambyo Maki have reminded me of phony Japanese restaurants in the Midwest's small cities.

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  1. Sad to say, in most of the country (wherever there is not a significant Japanese population) Japanese food has achieved "theme" status. This is nothing unique to the Midwest.

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    1. re: ironmom

      Supprisingly, most of Japanese restaurants opening in California recently are almost identical when it comes to their items served by differnt empployees in different locations.

      1. re: Hiko Ikeda

        It doesn't surprise me. The inexorable Americanization of Japenese restaurants in your area has begun.

        It only makes sense that restauranteurs would discover that the untapped majority of Americans like the idea of eating Japanese food better than the reality, and would proceed to adjust their menus and cooking thus.

        Take comfort in this: as long as there are pockets of Japanese expatriates who demand the real thing and are willing to pay for it, it will be available.

        1. re: ironmom

          A very strange thing about U.S.-based Japanese restaurants is that almost all of them serve sushi, although most do not in Japan.