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Oct 26, 2005 05:02 PM

Mark and Orlando's? 21 P?

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Has anyone been to Mark and Orlando's on P St. I'm looking for something around $20-25/entree (so less than Palena, Obelisk, etc.)

How about 21 P?

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  1. I was in the neighborhood of Mark & Orlando's last week and stopped to look at the menu. Entree's less than $20. I was pleasantly suprised. Have not been yet myself but my SO had good things to say about it.

    1. It's excellent. Pretty innovative dishes and the price is right. I highly recommend it.

      1. We ate at Mark & Orlando's tonight. The entrees have gone up a bit in the past 18 months, but most are between $19-$25. The service and food were excellent and wonderfully casual. The entire restaurant was run by a wait staff of 1 (David) and the chef (Orlando). Sometimes Orlando would bring out dishes when David was busy with another table. Friendly, fun, and delicious food. A very nice neighborhood restaurant.

        21 P i've heard mixed things on.

        1. Easy choice, 21P is closed, so Mark & Orlando's is your only choice. There was trout on the menu today that was excellent.