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Sep 27, 2001 02:48 PM

Sociale on Sacramento - any thoughts??

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This opened 3 weeks ago, and a couple that we know (and recently introduced to Delfina) went about a week after they opened. They gave it the thumbs up - especially for this area (Laurel Heights besides Garibaldis is pretty devoid of decent chow). Was wondering if anybody else had some experience there yet. There was a small blurb in Wed's Chron Food section, but I dont want news I want reviews. Thanks in advance.

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    randy salenfriend

    My wife and I were just discussing this place last nite. Although we haven't yet been there, we likely will go in the next couple of weeks.

    I love that little hidden location, it has a nice feel to it. Never made it to Aram's but loved Rosmarino when it was there.

    Hopefully one of us will get there soon and will be able to offer some feedback. Chow


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      OK, being the intrepid chowhounds, we checked this place out on friday. It's a pretty little space (formerly Aram's, formerly Rosmarino) with an outdoor courtyard (with heat lamps) and a small dining room adn bar. I ordered a recommended dish, which turned out to be pretty bad. Grilled shrimp on skewers, on top of an artichoke stuffed with lemon-olive risotto. THe artichoke was very undercooked--coulnd't even pull out the leaves--and the risotto, like most restaurant risottos, was dense and gluey. My pal's vegetable pasta was good, though, and other dishes being served around the restaurant looked good. Fun dessert--sfingi, which was two big beignet-type fried dough balls, quite light, soaked in honey syrup and served with a short vanilla-gelato shake, in a small glass with a little straw. I'd try it again, but stay away from the risotto. BTW, they comped us dessert to make up for the sucky risotto, but they did still charge us for the risotto.

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        Sorry about the risotto, but thanks for trying it out so quickly. We are trying to get there this week if schedule permits. Will post our thoughts and we will skip the risotto. Thanks again.

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          randy salenfriend

          Tried this out yet?? We tried to get reservations for tonight but they said they were booked. That's a good sign. They did offer to accomodate us on the patio or in the bar. We are still considering the offer.

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          randy salenfriend

          Hi Dixie:

          We are thinking of having dinner here tomorrow night. Would you recommend it despite your substandard dish?