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Sep 26, 2001 11:29 PM

Downtown SF restaurant bloodbath

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The meltdown continues w/ the recent closures of Splendido's-the top notch Italian restauarnt in an out of the way Embarcadaero Center setting, Montage in trhe Metereon-Needed a scouting party to find it-the
so called "smart Chicago restaurateurs- The Levy Group
should have known better and Gabbiano's at the Ferry Building. Next on the hit parade is XYZ at the W and
Curve Restaurant on 3rd St.

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  1. What??? What's going on? I need more info as I've been laid off from my job in SF - is this a result of the disaster on the 11th??


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    1. re: phoebe

      It's just a symptom of the nearly year-old ongoing tech/dotcom recession. The disaster only adds to it, as the tourist trade (a huge industry in SF) is now getting hit. This is bound to further affect many restaurants in the city.

    2. The demise of Gabbiano's should come as no surprise to anyone who has eaten there. With this economy, its obvious the restaurant business in SF is on "shaky ground", so to speak. There are many who will enjoy seeing the idols of consumate arrogance fall.

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      1. re: JIm H.

        schadenfreude is an ugly thing.

        1. re: JIm H.

          There are also many who will suffer from it, the waiters, the line cooks, the wholesale grocers,...

          1. re: garçon

            If they treated customers with such disdain, I can only wonder how they behaved toward their employees.......