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Oct 14, 2005 04:16 PM

Memsahib in Rockville, MD

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Anybody have any recommendations for/ experience with this place? Sounds like an awful lot of fun--a multicourse Indian meal at big communal tables. Is it a good choice for my birthday-dinner-with-friends?



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  1. I only know them from their lunch buffet, which I think is wonderful. Great, plentiful food -- good variety and frequently replenished -- all with Bollywood videos playing on a projection screen in the middle/back of the restaurant. Seating is on sort of low sofas around smallish round tables.

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      Shray Kaushal

      We dined with five others this past weekend...I am seriously concerned with their hygiene standards and quality of meats. I thought the ambience was cheesy too. As for how a traditional Indian family would serve you in India, this restaurant has failed to understand that hospitality. Moreover, six people would never be expected to eat curries and the main course from the same platter. The owner of this restaurant seems to have got this one dead wrong too.

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        Richard Shokek

        I happened to be there that same night. great food, great quality, great atmosphere. overall a wonderful evening. no qualms whatsoever. i will be having my bday party there next month.

        maybe it was your company?!

      2. I have been here several times. there is only one waitress.. a young woman, of impeccably rude manners. unhelpful and uncouth. today I had lunch and she was rushing us- taking away our plates even before we finished our portions. at the end, she grabbed the two water glasses. I had not finished- and there was no way to tell which belonged to whom. when I asked for a new glass of water, she refused, insisting that she was sure which one was mine. when i complained to the owner, turned out that it was her uncle- and the guy shrugged it off!

        food is OK, not brillient as others have mentioned. lots of bone on goat curry, very little meat.. When asked, they claim that this is how goat is. this is valid if ou are not aware of what real goat curry is like. same with tandoori chicke, some recycling that is obvious.

        if you also look for friendlier service, this is NOT the place to go.

        in general i would say that if you are looking for cheap food, go here- you get what you pay for.

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          The rest of your post may be true, but every goat curry I have ordered has had a high bone-to-meat ratio. Very much the same a mile away at Caribbean Feast.

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            I have never had much luck with goat meat dishes for this reason. I'm not sure if it is the particular cut of goat, or if goat is just one of those ultra-lean meats.

        2. I was there last weekend with a group of 7 people. I thought the atmosphere was fun. They show bollywood dance videos all night, they have a belly dancer, and they have a dance floor. I think most people at the table didn't end up liking it, though. We asked for side plates so we could rest portions away from the communal plates, and we were told no. We were also told we couldn't have napkins or utensils. They didn't provide enough bread through the whole meal, and there was no bread for some courses (unfinished bread was taken away). For people not comfortable with using their fingers to eat from the communal plates, bread is really important to pick things up. Some people ate almost nothing, because they weren't comfortable with the set-up. I thought the food was OK, not great. The only things I really liked were the rice pudding and the tea.