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Sep 26, 2001 02:45 PM

Suggestions: Lunch Friday in Napa or Sonoma

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Heading up to Napa/Sonoma for friend's bday on Friday. Haven't been for awhile...any lunch spots in either Napa or Sonoma to recommend?

Thanks all!

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  1. You can find hundreds of suggestions for Sonoma and Napa by using the search engine on the main page.

    If you look just a handful of threads down the message board, you'll see responses to an inquiry for places to eat near Healdsburg. Each of the recommendations posted is open for lunch.

    A little further down the board is a report on Chowhound Event #15 which was held at Cafe Lucy in Napa. It's open for lunch on Fridays too.

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      Arnel Alcordo

      Hey, there!

      I was in Sonoma maybe twice in the course of 1 Month. Trully enjoy Sonoma better than Napa......besides it's way more relax and doesn't quite have that Stuffiness that comes with a great wine country. There's all the great Wineries.....Preston Vineyards, Lambert Bridge....and of course the first stop into Sonoma would have to be Cline for their Delicious Zinfandel and Late Harvest Mourvedre. Anyway......for good bread go to Preston Earrrrrrrrrrrly! They make good breads there. I know you are asking about lunch places but, How about for dinner.......I would head out to this delicious Italian Trattoria in the heart of the Sonoma Square. It's called Della Santina's. I highly recommend the rosticceria........The Arista is delicious (herb filled loin pork) I chose the special menu which comprised of three item roticceri. Oh, and the owner is a wonderful host whom will gladly give you a nice taste of Sicilian red wine.........Something different and exciting. Now for could grab the bread from Preston and a nice bottle of Carignan, or Petite Syrah and buy different types of cheeses, fruits, and meats from the center square......and then Park your Car somewhere ----Well.......we road our bikes of course to this area outside of the town square and Have your private little lunch picnic Party.

      I hope you make it there!

      Enjoy~ Arnel

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        Arnel, all great suggestions, thanks for posting.

        But as in the thread about Healdsburg, I've gotta step in here with a little geography lesson. Otherwise 'hounds are going to spend far too much time crisscrossing and doubling back on the roads and not enough time eating and drinking. A day in the wine country, either in Sonoma County or Napa Valley, is worth some advance planning looking at a map for an efficient route.

        You suggested a first stop at Cline. Then getting to Preston early for bread. Please bear in mind that the distance from Cline in the Sonoma Valley and Preston at the far north end of Dry Creek Valley is at least 50 miles. Tough to do those back to back. Then you suggest heading back to the "center square" to pick up lunch. If you mean Sonoma Square which you described, that would be 45 miles in reverse. If you mean the Plaza in downtown Healdsburg, the distance is a doable 10+ miles from Preston. Both Sonoma and Healdsburg have many places selling picnic lunch supplies around their center squares.

      2. In Napa, Cafe Lucy...not ostentatious, but very good and reasonable. In Sonoma, the General's Daughter on Spain St. Both have dining al fresco in good weather.