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Oct 7, 2005 07:59 AM

What to get at Charlie Palmer?

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Going to Charlie Palmer tomorrow night....what should I get?

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  1. Whaddaya like? I tend toward the rib steaks and the mac and cheese. If you like mac and cheese, CP's version will knock you out.

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    1. re: flavrmeistr

      I recently had:
      Fois Gras App: Soo freaking good.
      Sonoma Duck, fantastic
      Side of the Chanterelle shrooms. awesome.

      Great now I'm starving...

      1. re: OceanPt

        My stomach growled just reading the words "Charlie Palmer". Your post didn't help. Fois Gras? I'd settle for a liverwurst sandwich at this point.

        1. re: flavrmeistr

          Now I know what I'm having for lunch...mmmm...Liverwurst!

    2. I was very disappointed by the quality of the porterhouse at Charlie Palmer, and I suspect the other steaks are not much of an improvement. (Indeed, I'm a little surprised to see an expensive steakhouse play the fake-cut-of-meat game, where they basically invent cuts of meat to, ostensibly, sound fancy. One of their dinner offerings is a Kansas City ribeye--huh? So, is it a ribeye or a strip? Or is it their convoluted, misleading way of saying the bone has been left in?)

      It's not that the beef is bad in quality, it's that the chefs apparently think it's bad--why else does it come drenched in thick, syrupy sauce and coated in mushrooms? I understand if they want to show off some deglazing skills, but come on--we're here for the steak. Bring its flavor out, don't mask it. Otherwise, it's not much better than a cheap steak with heavy sauce. I felt like I was in a sports car that was tuned to ride like a Buick.

      Overdoing it seems to be the theme at this place. I got a salad with pancetta, and the pancetta was burnt to a crisp--effectively defeating the taste of what was probably once pretty good pancetta.

      The sides were fine. The gnocchi was a bit large for my tastes, and (surprise!) overcooked, but the Brussel sprouts were perfectly done. Small but nice selection of cheeses that are woefully not paired properly.

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      1. re: kimcheater

        Was at CP a couple of weeks ago and granted I'm not steakophile but I was pretty unimpressed. The oyster appetizer was ummm..unappetizing. My rare KS ribeye came out stone cold. They did come back with a hot and rare steak but the meat was nothing to write home about. Kinda bland. We also had a couple of side order mix-ups too. Really surprised by the sophomoric service at a high end steak place. Most of the people there look like me...people eating on the company's dime so it's no big deal to pay $60-80 per person for a so-so meal. If it was my dime, I would have been ticked off. I wish my manager had taken my advice and gone to Prime Rib. Heard good things...

        1. re: tdonline

          Prime Rib will definitely be my next D.C. steakhouse visit. I am, in one sense, relieved to hear about your ribeye (although I'm also sorry about your experience), because I wasn't sure if I just ordered the wrong thing. Incidentally, I was a little surprised to see them charge extra for horseradish sauce, and rather disappointed to have them forget it even after I ordered it. For some reason, steakhouses often forget to bring it even after I ask for it, but my thought is that, if you're going to put it on the menu and charge for it, you damn well better bring it, and bring it right with the steak, too. (Incidentally, they didn't forget to put it on my bill.)

          1. re: kimcheater

            Yeah, the subpar service is what surprised me the most. It's always a little perplexing to me when "good" (expensive) restaurants can't at the minimum offer a respectable standard of service.