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Sep 26, 2001 12:37 AM

Chelokababi, Sunnyvale Persian

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Lured by a coupon, my roommates and I made the trek to Sunnyvale's "restaurant mile" (El Camino between Wolfe and Lawrence) for this Persian restaurant. I was disappointed at first by how fancy Chelokababi seemed and how expensive the first page of the menu was, but there were some real bargains to be found with a little hunting. We ordered four dishes. Two kebabs, one chicken and one beef, were remarkably flavorful. Something billed as a sandwich, but not at all resembling one, had delicately seasoned meat and green peppers enjoyed even by a roommate who hates green peppers. I had the Zereshk Polo, a juicy quarter chicken served over (and under) a generous helping of rice with cranberries. All was delicious, and the bill was surprisingly reasonable for such a high quality of food.

At the northeast corner of Wolfe and El Camino, just north of the gas station.

More details in the Merc review I found below.


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  1. I have eatin at this place several times....The food was great but service needs some improvements. I highly recommend the combination kabob platter and the yogurt cucumber appetizer.