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Sep 26, 2001 12:30 AM

The Dhaba, Sunnyvale - yummy cheap Indian

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*waves hello*

In the next strip mall over from Sawa Sushi is a low-budget gastronomic paradise. Well, maybe not quite a paradise, but there's a yummy low-budget Korean place (called Jangtu, though there's no sign in English), an Indian vegetarian place (Komala Vilas, said to be good, but I haven't tried it yet), an Indian grocery, and The Dhaba.

The Dhaba is the sort of place where the menu is written with dry-erase marker and where all the plates are styrofoam. But the food is some of the most solid and reliably delicious Indian food I've had in the Bay Area, and I generally prefer it to Indian food that costs three times as much. For $5 or $6 you get a meat dish, one or two vegetable dishes, rice, raita and spicy onion salad, about enough to fill the most ravenous appetite. It's counter service, so you can just point at the dishes you want.

The daal is sort of weak, but the chicken and the yellow curries are reliably delicious. The enormous samosas approach perfection, but they're not always available.

Check it out. It's almost as good as Sawa Sushi and about 1/20 the price.

The Dhaba
1036 E El Camino Real

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  1. Dhaba is really good, and the price is even better! We used to frequent it a lot, but found the food getting spicier and spicier.
    For the *best* parathas, head to El Camino and Wolfe to CHAAT HOUSE. The parathas are sooo fresh and they have the typical indian chaat snacks that are also really good. THey also have another location on El Camino and Mary, 2 blocks South of El Camino and 85. It's really worth it, it's authentic Indian snacks, not the typical curried meat and basmati rice. They offer lunch specials as well as dinner specials. All food is vegetarian.