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Sep 24, 2001 10:19 PM

langostino taco at the flying fish, hmb

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stopped by the flying fish grill on the way into half moon bay (on the left side of 92 just after the stop light before 1), a tiny little place with a few tables and a take out window. we had been here about a year ago and felt it was due another try. this time we sat down and my wife had a craving for fish and chips, so she ordered that (cod, they also offer mahi mahi). i noticed the sign on the wall saying this was the only place in the US (that they know of) serving langostino tacos, so of course i had to order that.

a few minutes later, the dishes arrived. the fish nicely crisp, not too thick batter, well done all around. and the taco - a "corny" (in the good sense of the word) corn tortilla wrapped around shredded lettuce, a bit of avocado and tomato, a thin sauce of i'm not sure what, and buttery grilled "langostinos." i had thought langositnos were larger, these looked like "rock shrimp" to me, same thing? anyway, it was incredibly delicios! far better than any fish taco i've ever had (though that's not too many), a wonderful combination of flavors and textures, between the soft langostinos with a slightly charred exterior, the yielding almost-crunch of the tortilla, the melting avocado. yum yum. this is not a traditional taco really, it came wrapped almost all the way around in the tortilla, with foil holding it all together. the sauce was mild, and i detected a bit of creaminess to it, though that may have been from the langostinos themselves. don't know how long these little babies will be around, but i think it's worth a stop if you're in the neighborhood! they also had langostinos grilled or cocktail on the menu.

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  1. Hey, that's a find, Brad!

    The grilled rock shrimp tacos at Cafe Marimba are my favorite thing on the menu. I'll have to get myself down there to try these.

    1. "Langostina" translates as a large, deep-sea prawn (with dark red shells dotted with black spots); it is different from the French "langoustine," which is a Dublin Bay prawn, which to make things easy to understand (!) is not even a prawn but a Norwegian lobster! Scampi is a larger relative but found only in the Adriatic.

      In case this is not confusing enough, the Spanish word "langosta" is used for lobster though more correctly it should be crawfish. "Bogavante" in Spanish does mean "real" lobster.