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Sep 26, 2005 10:17 AM

Dupont Circle Farmer's Market

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The thread below on Atwater's granola got me thinking - what are your favorite stands at the Dupont Circle farmers market? What are your favorite places to buy apples? Cheese? Greens? Flowers? Or anything else that springs to mind.

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  1. I like the one in the back (second lady in near the metro). There is a woman on the P Street side, on the side furthest from the metro, that is just plain rude. Maybe the 2nd or third stand in from that entrance. I avoid her, although last week she was the only one that had nectarines. The crabcake guy is great but expensive.

    1. For cheese, I always go to the guy with all the coolers. He sells meats too but I love his goat cheese the best. This past Sunday, I also bought some killer fresh mozarella from the Blue Ridge Dairy stand. I have found the cheddars, feta, and bleu cheeses from the other stands waxy and too salty.

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        I love the feta from Blue Ridge! Keswick is good too for other cheeses, and they have lots of samples out so you can try them. Oh, and Firefly Farms (over by the bank) has good goat cheeses as well--they're available at Whole Foods too, but I'd rather support them directly.

      2. Just a reminder. FreshFarmsMarkets has OTHER markets besides the Dupont Circle market and many of the same vendors go to those too. If you like to sleep in on Sunday or prefer to pick things up midweek or on Saturday, you might be able to try one of these.
        It would be terrific to see them grow. In Europe, street markets are right where people live and work. FreshFarm has theirs right by Metro stops and in downtown neighborhoods near condos and restaurants where you might be meeting friends for drinks and dinner. Check them out. The more markets we have, the better.

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          Also there is a recently opened market by 14th and U Saturdays from 10am-2pm that is running until November. I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but I've been hearing good things..

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            Eastern Market never missed a single weekend despite the tragic fire. It's very large and the oldest continuously operating market in the city - dating back to 1873. Some of the Dupont Circle Market farmers are there as well as some terrific other local farmers. A great stall with Amish produce - incredibly good prices. There are some vendors open during the week too and some stores on 7th Street plus Yes! Natural Market which even sells bulk spices.
            There's a new market in Brookland that's open late a couple of weeknights and I think that one is right at a Metro stop.
            I love that these markets have Metro access.
            We shouldn't forget the RFK farmers' market. Thursdays and the much larger one on Saturdays. Good place to buy bushel quantities for canning. They take food stamps and WIC.