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Sep 17, 2005 03:31 PM


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Corner Stable in Padonia/Cockeysville-rating?

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  1. Some people really like them, but I'm not one of them. They boil the meat first, so it literally falls off the bone, but it has a texture I don't particularly like.

    If you're looking for ribs in Cockeysville, you need to go to Andy Nelson's just up York from Corner Stable. They have amazing ribs, chicken, and the best pulled pork sandwich around. I can't see wasting time on Corner Stable with Andy's so close by.


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    1. re: Jon Parker

      Jon, I know that you sometimes dine in Howard Co., so I'm going to share a BBQ find that apparently just opened this week. Smokey Hollow BBQ, off Montpelier Rd. at 29 and Johns Hopkins road, next to APL.

      On Saturday evening, they were out of Ribs and Chicken (so I guess business is better than they expected) but we were able to get some pulled pork and brisket. Fabulous. I knew by walking into the place it was the real deal - filled with that distinct aroma of smoke and slow cooked pork that warms the cockles of the heart. The pork was moist and smokey, and barely needed any finishing sauce. The brisket was eaten without sauce, due to them not giving us enough with our carryout order (there are no tables, well - there are a few tables but I didn't see any chairs). They have 3 sauces, but due to the mixup we only got one (the Carolina style). Fortunately, the food stood on its own.

      This stuff is good, really good - in fact, I believe this was better than any I've had at Andy Nelson's and certainly better than Big Bad Wolf. I just can't wait to try again when they have ribs, I bet they will be out of this world.

      1. re: Slippery

        Wow, that's quite a recommendation. I'll give it a shot this weekend.

        I live in Howard County and commute between there and work in Hunt Valley (and my girlfriend's home in Lutherville). I've been wishing for some BBQ options closer to home -- The Canopy and Famous Dave's just don't cut it.

        1. re: Jon Parker

          Report back after you go, I'm curious to see how you think this compares to Andy Nelson's. It's been a long while since I've had A.N. BBQ, but I do believe I prefer what I had at Smokey Hollow, as it had a richer smoke flavor.

          Don't get me started on Famous Dave's....

          1. re: Slippery

            Hey Slippery,

            What's your opinion of Famous Dave's?

        2. re: Slippery

          i work there and i have eaten there for the past 2 weeks since it has opened

          1. re: ananomous

            WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL is it good or not?

          2. re: Slippery

            Smokey Hollow closed. Replaced by Kloby's, which is also pretty good.

            1. re: HowChowBlog

              HowChow, you've responded to a very old post. HOWEVER, just to clarify your post, a NEW Kloby's (in addition to the Woodlawn location) is now in the exact location that Smokey Hollow used to be.

              7500 Montpelier Rd
              Laurel, MD 20723

              1. re: smt

                Just trying to be helpful in case someone was searching for Smokey Hollow. I'm new so I didn't meant to breach the Chowhound rules. Last time I drove through there, it looked like Kloby's might even be building a seating area.

          3. re: Jon Parker

            On the Chicago Chowhound board, this "fall off the bone, heavy on the sauce" approach to ribs is apparently the local norm (at least among the local "name" places that get mentioned a lot in advertising, media reviews, tourist guides, etc.), and the Chicago 'hounds have come up with a catch phrase to quickly describe a new place to warn those who don't like it, and recommend it to those who do. They call it this type of ribs or BBQ "meat jello"

          4. Bottom line - if you like baby back ribs, they're good. Their sauce has a mild kick that blends well with a side of mashed potatoes. The finish is above par.

            The meat is always tender, but as others have already indicated - they do boil their meat. The phrase "meat jello" is a bit harsh, but not without justification.

            Perhaps it's just me, but when I'm eating baby back ribs, I don't care too much that they boil them. My expectations are already low because I'm eating baby back ribs. Heck, I'll even accept them served "wet" (vs "dry" which is how ribs should be).

            As you may have guessed, ribs are a personal thing to me and baby back ribs will never be "real" ribs. But even with all that in mind, I will tell you that Corner Stable is well above average when it comes to baby back ribs. So - if you find yourself in the restaurant, do yourself a favor and get the ribs!! If you haven't yet entered the restaurant, however, do yourself an even bigger favor - drive a mile or so north on York and stop at a real rib joint. That's Andy Nelson's.

            While the Corner Stable proclaims itself to have the "BEST" in Baltimore, anyone with sense knows that title belongs to Andy Nelson's. Hooves down. I've had about every rib served in PA, MD, DC, or VA... and Andy's the best for ribs.

            1. The Corner Stable ribs are top notch!!! Try them, can't believe anyone would complain.

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              1. re: namret

                I have tried them repeatedly, and they're not worth bothering with, esp. when you're that close to Andy Nelson's.

                1. re: JonParker

                  Every time someone mentions Corner Stable on this board I think, "Did I miss something?" I have to go back now to make sure.

                  I cant help but wonder if the banners on the building stating "Best Ribs in Baltimore" trick people into thinking that their ribs are actually good. They were apparently reviewed favorably by the Baltimore Sun....what year? I don't know. Perhaps someone from the Sun who reads this board can chime in. The corner stable website has a page of testimonials that is interesting (embarrassing) to read.

                  1. re: smt

                    Some of us aren't tricked into thinking that their ribs are actually good - we actually like them, and have for years. They are definitely a different style than Nelson's, but I think the area is big enough for both.

                    1. re: SuzyInChains

                      I agree the area is big enough for both. I would be perfectly happy if there were 10 other rib or BBQ joints on York Rd. I'm not really that enamored with Andy Nelson's and realize the difference between the styles. Objectively, it does not appear that their ribs stand out as being better than other similarly prepared ribs. So why are they considered the Best in Baltimore?

                      For others who agree with me, what restaurants would you recommend for similarly prepared baby back ribs?

                    2. re: smt

                      When considering The Corner Stable, people ought to remember that Baltimore does not have a tradition of ribs. Ribs are imported to this area from other parts of the country. I learned about "ribs" by eating at Corner Stable and I think they're pretty good.

                      However, for those who believe that ribs and bbq can only come from the grace of good smoke, TCS will not be the place for you. TCS ribs are boiled until tender, slathered with sauce and grilled to finish. It's great for what it is but nothing like the bbq traditions of the Carolinas, Texas or Kansas City.

                      However, if you're looking for some tasty smoked ribs, I live in Cockeysville and drive all the way to Security Blvd to eat at Kloby's.

                      1. re: onocoffee

                        I had Corner Stable ribs and chicken a few nights ago. The broasted chicken was very enjoyable. The ribs were as I remembered them, just mediocre.

                        I ordered the ribs without sauce, which may have been a mistake. However, it allowed me to taste the meat, the flavor of which was far less than acceptable. Thus, sauce is required, in part, to cover up the taste of the meat. At the same time, the sauces were enjoyable, both the sweet and Texas spicy.

                        My bottom line is that Corner Stable Ribs are just "run of the mill" baby back ribs and not really that much different than Charred Rib. I'd rather go to Bill Bateman's for similar fare. I still think the self-proclaimed "Best Ribs in Baltimore!" banner outside the restaurant is misleading, but, nonetheless, good marketing for a restaurant with a very good location. In other words, if I did not live in Lutherville, I would not travel the distance for these ribs.

                        1. re: smt

                          Hmmm, we probably missed each other by a few minutes then.

                          Definitely need the sauce at TCS. Otherwise it's just like any other boiled meat: bland. It's the sauce and the grilling with the sauce that makes the ribs at TCS.

                          btw smt, there's been some rumblings from our old smoker for next year...a la 2005. I'll tell you more about it the next time we run into each other.

                          1. re: onocoffee

                            Sounds like you might need some taste testers to help you out there.

                          2. re: smt

                            I'll have to add on to the defense of Corner Stable ribs. It's not my preferred style of ribs (I prefer barbecued ribs), but they're fine for what they are.

                            Ordering them without the sauce is kind of like ordering Eggs Benedict without the Hollandaise sauce and then complaining that it just tastes like a ham and egg sandwich.

                            1. re: Hal Laurent

                              The sauce, which is doctored open Pit--they will tell you and the buckets are visible--are a good dip for the onion and garlic powdered fresh cut fries, so you can skip the ribs and just order some fries-dip-bbq sauce.

                              1. re: Hal Laurent

                                I did get the sauce, just on the side. I agree with you Hal L, after dousing the ribs with the sauce, the horrible flavor of the meat was undetectable.

                        2. re: JonParker

                          is Andy Nelson's ribs similar to what i've seen rib places call "dry rub" from other cities? i looked at their website and they call them memphis style ribs but im not sure whats memphis style exactly. i remember getting "dry rubbed" ribs and really enjoying that kinda of meat texture in the past outside of this area. i am also not a fan of a big glob of overly sweet sauce which is what i get most of the time around here unfortunately.

                          1. re: frequentcrasher

                            I had carry-out ribs from Andy's last night. We got them cold with the sauce on the side. We heated them up and those that wanted sauce sauced their own. I thought they were fine dry, but did dip a little. They can pass as sauced or dry rub. We didn't get any side orders but the ribs were good. Smokey and nicely spiced and kind of lean for ribs. The texture was a little chewy rather than melt in the mouth tender but I am fine with that.