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where is best homey BBQ in Dc...preferablt a lillte grungy? or even roadside like mr.P's?? thx

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  1. Asking for the best BBQ is like asking whose Mom makes the best meatloaf. That said, I prefer Rockland's. Perhaps not grungy but good (to me).

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    1. re: Dakota Guy

      Capital Q in China Town

      1. re: Hooffy

        There's a place I like called Willards out in Chantilly VA. Not grunge funky but kind of cool.

        1. re: Smokey

          I live near Willards and i really wish it was good. I have been 2 or 3 times and am just always terribly disappointed right down to the sweet tea that isnt very good. The sauce is odd, the sides are bad, the meat isn't great. It's a cool looking place with lots of style and great ideas but the flavor just isn't there.... for me. I usually end up going to Famous Daves when i need a quick fix.... wishing i could support the local boy.

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            We live out by Willards too. They have a huge menu for a bbq joint. I go for the brisket or the KC burnt ends. I'm not a beef bbq expert so maybe that's why I think Willards is good. I think the pulled pork is decent but I've had such good barbecue in North Carolina that I rarely order pulled pork anyplace north of Richmond.

            Not sure what you mean about the sauce being odd. As for the sides, the greens are very good, the beans are weak, the mac cheese is good. Slaw and potato salad also good. I like the cobblers too.

            Finally, I like Willards sweet tea! I've had some really bad sweet tea in NC -- Parker's in Wilson, for example. It's sugar water with barely any tea flavor. I am a big Parker's fan but their tea sux.
            As for Famous Dave's, we tried it once. So very meh. Minnesota bbq -- that says it all to me.

        2. re: Hooffy

          Capital Q, seconded.

        3. re: Dakota Guy

          I don't care much for Rocklands compared to many other places, but you are right, bbq seems to be very subjective, even more than most foods. I think that's because there are no objective standards, and various styles, and any kind of well-cooked and seasoned bbq meat is at least edible.
          The food snobs all argue about it, ever since Calvin Trillin wrote about KC bbq. There are a lot of wannabe Trillins (including at least one local professional critic) who take his light humorous approach and translate it into seriousness and snobbery.

        4. If you mean IN DC, like you asked, there is not much here but the Rib Pit @ 3903 14st NW is the real deal that youre looking for, grungy store front, whole smoked racks of ribs or pulled pork. Get the sauce on the side.

          Forget about Rocklands, Red Hot & Blue, Memphis BBQ (most closed)--these are wanna be bbq joints with mediocre flavor best masked with a few pints of draft beer up front (and are out in the suburbs, not in DC). Can't speak as to Capital Q's food, but it aint a hole in the wall...more like corporate Q for ambiance.

          If you venture out to burbs, try Boss Hogs in McLean--they say its Carolina style but its really far from that--but tasty pork and smoked brisket in any event. BBQ Country in Vienna smokes over real hickory. Willards is out Rt 28 by Dulles airport and although I've tried all the Q on the menu, I can only grade it as passable in flavor. Boss Hogs is the best bet by far IMO for location closest to DC. Some other good places out in VA but they're weekend trips.

          1. If you mean IN DC, like you asked, there is not much here but the Rib Pit @ 3903 14st NW is the real deal that youre looking for, grungy store front, whole smoked racks of ribs or pulled pork. Get the sauce on the side.

            Forget about Rocklands, Red Hot & Blue, Memphis BBQ (most closed)--these are wanna be bbq joints with mediocre flavor best masked with a few pints of draft beer up front (and are out in the suburbs, not in DC). Can't speak as to Capital Q's food, but it aint a hole in the wall...more like corporate Q for ambiance.

            If you venture out to burbs, try Boss Hogs in McLean--they say its Carolina style but its really far from that--but tasty pork and smoked brisket in any event. BBQ Country in Vienna smokes over real hickory. Willards is out Rt 28 by Dulles airport and although I've tried all the Q on the menu, I can only grade it as passable in flavor. Boss Hogs is the best bet by far IMO for location closest to DC. Some other good places out in VA but they're weekend trips.

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              thanks all for bbq help..i have carolina friends that are lamenting the lack of real bbq...maybe unrequited for awhile in DC...

              i'mold but does anyone remember the beloved Arbaugh's in DC? connecticut ave. at woodley metro..it was yummy..

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                thanks all bbq lovers...trying ot guide lamenting Carolina friends to good eats...they continue to lament

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                  Lamenting the lack of BBQ in DC? They've got plenty of company. Honest-to-God real barbeque is at the top of the list of things that are so rare in this town as to be non-existent. Add to the list pizza, a good hotdog or a decent cheap breakfast. They're all hard to find. Fortunately, there is plenty of world-class Asian and other ethnic foods that are relatively uncommon in other places. On the whole, I find I can live with it.

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                    I'll put Breadline's chopped pork up against any and all comers.

                    Yes, I would prefer it was smoked on site. And chopped to order. But for the finished product, there is none better. As good: Mighty Midget in Leesburg.

                    1. re: Steve

                      Might be enough for me to give Breadline another try. As for Mighty Midget, the last two times I went out there, the pork was long gone. Had to console myself with a burger. Seriously, the best I've had north of Weldon, NC is at The BBQ Man on Muncaster Mill Rd. in Derwood. A big ol' boy from Indiana smokes it up out back. Also the only place around that passes the Smell Test.

                      1. re: flavrmeistr

                        Get the BBQ on a ciabatta this Friday and tell me what you think.

                        Two hints about Mighty Midget:

                        You can call in advance and if you tell them you're coming from DC, they'll offer to hold some ribs for you.

                        Also, I realize they run out of ribs, but I much prefer the chopped pork sandwich, which they usually have a good supply of.

                        But I know how you feel, I went out of my way to have bbq at that place in Florida on US1, north of Jupiter, and they were out of everything except chicken and bologna by 2pm. Aargh! I'm calling in advance from now on.

                        1. re: Steve

                          Mmmmmm...CW Barbeque in Hobe Sound. The memory of their Friday night smoked prime rib is enough make my eyes tear up. See you at Breadline tomorrow.

                    2. re: a1234

                      Wood + smoke+ time =bbq. Many devoted bbq afficianados have stricter standards than the general population. Just as someone who follows fashion may not want to be seen in public with my wardrobe. I hope that make sense to you.

                      1. re: Steve

                        Stricter standards? You mean it must taste good? Does it matter how that taste is achieved?
                        How long do you think Breadline smokes their bbq and do they use wood? Does it matter?
                        (I like Breadline, though I have never had their bbq.)

                        1. re: a1234

                          Breadline does not make their bbq. I do not know exactly how it's made, but I would say it is smoked for quite a while using a combination of charcoal and wood.

                          Yeah, I think it matters that you use wood. I believe I can tell by biting into bbq if it is only using charcoal. I can also tell if it hasn't spent enough (or any) time in the smoker.

                          By stricter standards, I think you already understand that people who are lining up for the bbq at Applebee's are not getting the same bbq as Buz and Ned's in Richmond.

                          Here is what I like to have in my bbq. I can only rarely get all these qualities, so compromise is necessary:

                          Wood smoke bite penetrating the interior
                          Crunchy exterior
                          Soft, pink meat that needs some pull.
                          A bit of fat, but most all of it rendered making the meat juicy
                          Porky flavor with a hit of spices

                          If you're talking about ribs, then I think most people are looking for char and an inoffensive tasting bbq sauce. And that's about it. That's why many people love them "baby back, baby back, baby back ribs..."

                          1. re: Steve

                            Steve for some folks, a trip to Fresh Fields, or Whole Foods hot bar IS enough. They too sell pulled pork, and ribs by the 1/4 slab, along with brisket.
                            The old guy, or gal, that does it the old fashioned way is getting rare as heck. Most study online or buy a plan from a business guy, because it works for folks that really don't know any better. But it works for them. Savor the real good stuff, while it last.....

                  2. re: jenten

                    Bless you, Jenten! I DO remember Arbaughs and a friend and I have been trying to think of the name for a week now! I can't believe the name doesn't just pop up when one googles "dc barbecue". It should. It WAS yummy. And all we had... :(

                2. There is a place in Burke called BBQ World which I consider more than pretty good. They use real wood, a rarity in urban settings (one look at the vent system in that place shows why). It's in the shopping center at Burke Center Pkwy and Roberts Rd (there is a Wal-Mart there too).

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                  1. re: pelican

                    I've heard this is good, but that the sides are not. Jammin Joes out on 29 has some of the best beans, but only so so bbq.

                    1. re: Dennis S

                      I agree Jammin Joes has tasty beans but so-so bbq? I think the pulled pork sandwich is one of the best in the whole DC area, but would agree that the other bbq offerings are just ok.

                      If we're talking about driving out that way, we've been eating at Docs all summer. They've got 3 locations now on Rt 50, Doc's the Aldie Country store in Aldie, the Doc's Diner about 4 miles west of Paris, and Docs @ the Barn Door in Boyce, about 8 miles west of Paris on Rt 50. Docs makes "Carolina Pulled Pork", "Texas Pork" and "Texas Beef" sandwiches and smoked ribs, all of which techinically should not exist at the same BBQ joint, but nonetheless the food is quite good.

                  2. There is a place up on Capitol Hill, near RFK, I think, called Ken's or Kenny's Pit BBQ. Pretty good stuff. I like their brisket. And, they have crinkle cut french fries which are cooked to order. YUM!

                    I also like Capital Q, but the pain of trying to find parking and then the lack of seating is a bit of a hassle. I like their meat, but I think their sides leave a lot to be desired.

                    1. The Smoke Shack on Livingston Road in Ft Washington or Texas Ribs and Barbeque Old Branch Ave, Clinton.

                      1. There is NO good BBQ inside DC. Unless you go to Harris Teeter and get their NC minced in the deli section. Rib Pit is Ok if you can get them to not give your the dried out stuff. But that being said, repeat after me, there is NO good BBQ in side DC. Urban BBQ, and that place in china town...barf slop for those that eat in food courts. Mall Rat Food. Rocklands, well, if you want to stay inside the Distric lines, fine. Ger a zip car, and drive to three or four real Q shops: Chantilly, Bowie, Baltimore. And yep that spot on by Rosecroft is good too.

                        1. I just bought a pound of pulled bbq pork from a tiny shop on Richmond Hwy NOT in DC but south of 495 close to Ft. Belvoir. It is the best I have bought in the area. My family is from NC so I have sampled a lot of GREAT bbq from NC (Lexington and China Grove are my favorites) and this is not the same - but it is the closest thing I have had in the area.

                          It is called Johnny Mac's North Carolina bbq. It is take out only. They also sell half-smokes if you are looking for them.

                          1. Texas Ribs and Bar B Q has the best ribs and Q in the DC Area hands down. They are in Clinton, Md and still have that Southern Maryland Charm and hospitality. Best brisket and beans too!

                            1. Rub in Baltimore's Federal Hill neighborhood on the corner of Light Street and Wells Street is certainly worth the drive!

                              1. Most of the BBQ places in the DC area suck. It's what they call "faux que" in the south.
                                Do yourself a favor and head on up to Chubby's in Emmitsburg, MD. That's a drive of about an hour maybe a little less up 270 to Route 15 North. The place is right on 15 just past Mt. St. Mary's College. Very authentic inside and out and the food has been written up in magazines, newspapers and BBQ guide books. Take a weekend drive and see the fall foliage, buy some apples at the local orchards and get down on some real bbq.

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                                1. re: jac0077

                                  We made the drive up there for the first time yesterday and I have mixed thoughts. The good: I liked their sauces and the smoked fried chicken was awesome. Their baked beans were incredible - without a doubt one of the best I've ever had.

                                  The not so good: the brisket itself was pretty good, but I got the 1/2 lb platter and it came swimming in liquid. Soggy BBQ is just not appealing. The pork was juicy but lacked any smokey flavor. The mac and cheese was almost inedibly bad - flavorless and overcooked to the point of being mush.

                                  Overall, definitely not a bad BBQ place but I'm not convinced it's worth the drive. However, I'd totally stop by if I were going to Gettysburg or Cunningham Falls already.

                                  1. re: reiflame

                                    Try the Black Hog in Frederick. The pork ribs, mac and cheese (baked dry and crumbly) and collards the best in the DC area (which is not to say the best anywhere). They do burn wood. Tuesdays they sell a full rack for half price, sauced or dry. The Black Hog sauce is pretty good and the pepper vinegar has a good bite for the greens. Brisket is decent, but not Texas quality despite the idle boast. They also have a full bar with a half-price happy hour for premium beers and well drinks ($2 Stellas and Flying Dogs). This is my default barbeque spot when I'm too lazy to crank it myself.

                                    1. re: flavrmeistr

                                      I've been and I was pretty impressed. I had the pork sandwich, which was great, and was jealous of my friend's ribs, which looked impressive. Loved the cornbread, too. My only complaint was the lackluster mac and cheese, but I'm beginning to be convinced I'll just never be happy with BBQ restaurant mac.

                                      1. re: reiflame

                                        The ribs are invariably meaty and tender. 12 bucks for a full rack (Tues. only) is just insane, more than enough for two very hungry people. Order them dry with sauces on the side. The brisket sandwich is also a good deal for $6.00. I rate it better than Rocklands, the only other decent store-bought brisket I've had in the area. My wife likes the fries, which are fresh cut. They have a devoted following for their smoked Old Bay wings also, but I'm basically all about the ribs. Oh, and today is Tuesday!

                                  2. re: jac0077

                                    We stopped in at Chubby's last week and I will offer up this review.

                                    The majority of Chubby's menu revolves around southern BBQ and other such pig related items. He does offer things like burgers, dogs and some pretty terrific looking soups.

                                    Mrs. Sippi and I had a nice array of goodies which are as follows.

                                    I had the sample platter: Brisket, pulled pork and back ribs. The pork was very tender with a good rich, piggy taste to it. He scores big marks for not “Saucing it.” A simple top dress was perfect. The ribs were quite good. I’m more of a side rib guy for BBQ but these were some of the better BBQ baby back’s I’ve had. Again, Tom takes it easy with the sauce which is nice. You can always add more. The brisket was the real surprise though. Tender, juicy and what really made it for me, garlicky.

                                    Mrs. Sippi went with the pork belly platter. A half pound of uncured, thick cut, smoked bacon that’s then crisped up, seasoned and served. It was fantastic. It tasted of bacon but not as salty and was nice and crunchy on the outside but still tender on the inside. Just as we finished another gentleman came buy and told Tom how much he enjoyed his pork belly dinner.

                                    Among our 4 sides 2 really stood out. The greens were very tasty and had a surprising (or maybe not) garlic hint to them. Not to be out done the smoked baked beans were some of the best beans I’ve had.

                                    The sausage was fantastic. Known as the “Alamo Dog” it’s a garlic and jalapeno sausage with “Special sauce” which was like a rosemary Alfredo with a surprise, surprise garlic hit that complimented it all very well.

                                    They also offer up a version of pit beef. It was beefy, tender and juicy. We just sampled some of the meat.

                                    They make 5 different sauces and all were very good. I ended up using a bit of the hot. His hot wasn’t all that hot nor was his volcano over the top. I’m not big on spicy BBQ sauce anyway so the little bit of zing was fine with me.

                                    Chubby's also has Yuengling on tap and they serve it in Mason jars.

                                    There's pictures here.


                                    1. re: Davwud

                                      Thanks for the detailed report. I stopped there for lunch on one trip up north, and I can see why it's called "Chubby's" - no opportunity to have a small lunch-sized meal there, and, being on the road, it wasn't reasonable to take leftovers along with me, so I settled for a sandwich that was big enough for lunch and dinner. It was tasty, and I wish it was more practical for me to eat there another time. Chubby's is far enough from Falls Gulch so that I wouldn't make a special trip, particularly by myself, for a meal, though I'd recommend it for those who are willing to make a 100 mile round trip (or don't have to go that far) for some good Q.

                                  3. IMHO, the best BBQ in the area (meaning I don't want to drive to Emmitsburg or Woodbridge, etc) is at Urban BBQ in Rockville, MD. They also have one in Olney.Sandy Spring. Great ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. You have to have the wings, the best in the area, and try the soul rolls. I always get my Q with a side of collards because where else can you get properly cooked collards?

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                                    1. re: dinwiddie

                                      I agree about the ribs at Urban BBQ. Not only the best of the area, but you could waste a lot of money on trying to find better elsewhere. I don't 'get' brisket - though I've never been to Texas. The pulled pork comes pre-tossed in a bbq sauce which is a lousy way to serve bbq. Are they trying to hide something? The soul rolls have melted cheese, no thanks. Might as well not waste bbq on them.

                                      1. re: Steve

                                        I think Urban BBQ has a shop in White Oak, NH ave just past the beltway. Not too fond of them, at any location. Try the ribs & port at any Whole Foods for the same stuff. But cheaper. But you wont find the soul rolls there.

                                        1. re: RobertM

                                          I prefer to drive to KBQ as I don't care for Urban's sauce which is baked onto the ribs. Too bad because I suspect they are doing a fine job of smoking at the Rockville location, but I can't get past the baked on sauce.

                                          KBQ is wildly inconsistent in the spicing of the ribs, but the smoke is there. In a drier, chewier style {which I found a lot of in Tennessee} on the ribs which is ll I get terhe. I like that you get the ribs and the tips both. I use a combo of the hot and sweet sauces.

                                          1. re: RobertM

                                            Urban does have a shop right outside the beltway on NH Ave. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, they cannot put one of the large smokers (which make all the difference in the world) in that shop.

                                            You can ask for the pulled pork to come without being pre-tossed if you wish. They are very accomodating. As to the ribs, I like the way they do them, but some folks prefer it other ways, but to each their own. It isn't that they are trying to hide anything, it is the way they do their ribs, as do many, many other places and even many BBQ competitors.

                                        2. re: dinwiddie

                                          I enjoy Urban in a pinch, but service is really startingto stink ... I wonder if they crosstrain with Urban Burger, where service and quality has slid considerably the past year or so.

                                          After my last (and probably last forever), I used their comment field on the Urban website and NEVER got a response. Why have a comment field and not reply to a polite query?

                                          1. re: repete

                                            I'm not sure what you might mean about service starting to stink . . .You go to the counter, order what you want, give your name, and they call you to give you what you ordered. I've always found them to be polite, quick, and friendly.

                                            1. re: dinwiddie

                                              Same here. I've been to Urban maybe twenty times and have never had a single problem with service--they are unfailingly friendly and prompt.

                                              1. re: JeffCraddock

                                                din -- it's pretty simple. To me, service includes the courtesy of a response to a polite e-mail (or two) -- especially when they have a link on their website that says:

                                                "Fill out the form below and we will respond asap!"

                                                Well, we had takeout and found the order seriously lacking when we got it home. They were friendly but not as prompt as usual in person on this visit, but failed to respond to two e-mails about the food quality, including an inedible, overcooked-to-the-point-of-boot-leather chicken burger.

                                                I may be slow on the reply ... but I still haven't been back. Sorry to disagree, but that's my experience.

                                        3. Sigh! This is the first time I have said this and I'll never mention this place again. Furthermore, there better not be a line or an out of BBQ sign when I visit over the next few months or I'm cutting off this board completely.

                                          From the beltway just north of the Woodrow Wilson bridge, take RT 210 South towards Indian Head. If the place is open and it is daylight, you can just follow the smoke. Unless the weather is bad and then you take the 2nd, maybe 3rd, right on Livingston Rd. Most likely you will normally drive by it a couple of times before you spot the place, as it just blend in and the smoke is hard to see when you get close due to the tree cover. If you are low on gas, it is nestled between the golf driving range and a car wash in a small unassuming house that only becomes paradise upon closer inspection.

                                          It is a pile of smoke with a small shack around it. The BBQ is the best. Get the sauce on the side for a true test of the smokey favor as the sauce has a thick coat that overpowers the meat flavor. Also, I know of no fewer than a dozen places with better sides so you wouldn't regret just skipping them altogether.

                                          For the adventure impaired, this info is for you (from the many receipts laying around):

                                          Smoke Shack Rib and BBQ Rest. (never seen anyone eating there- just waiting for takeout)
                                          9119 Livingston Road

                                          I refuse to describe them, for as you would expect from the best they speak far better for themselves than I ever could. Now don't say I never did anything for you and don't hog the joint with huge orders on game day (which is, of course, every day).

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                                            Ah, you finally found it? Parking in the rear, small white walk in joint. My folks loved it, until I dragged em to KBQ. But if you catch em right, it is old down home ribs to go.

                                              1. re: Steve

                                                We do think alike Steve, but there is no town really. Like malveaux says, you go down the road pass a miniature golf place, and an ice cream stand, then poof on the left there it is. On weekends it is very crowed.

                                                1. re: RobertM

                                                  Sorry, I had my left / right mixed up. The place is on the right, going south.

                                                  1. re: RobertM

                                                    No town? Its in "downtown" Fort Washington and I live about five minutes away from there. Yeah its a cool place. Definitely worth checking out although Dale's Smokehouse might be a step up from that but its waaaay down Indian Head highway.

                                              2. re: malveaux

                                                I tried the phone number, but it is not a working number. I couldn't find a listing for it. Is this just a weekend operation? Do you think it would be open today?

                                                1. re: Steve

                                                  From an old GOG listing, they are open Tue-Thurs 11 am-8 pm Fri-Sat 11 am-9 pm Sun 11 am-7:30 pm. They are located in Fort Washington, MD, so it might be a long distance call.

                                                2. re: malveaux

                                                  Been there- it's the real deal for ribs and good sides. Follow the blue smoke.

                                                  1. re: malveaux

                                                    I went to Smoke Shack today for the ribs. Lots of smoke pouring out of this place. But I noticed on the way home there was lots of smoke coming form the Burger King as well, so maybe it is not a guarantee of anything.

                                                    I couldn't detect any wood smoke flavor or maybe even any smoke flavor at all. The ribs had the exact same spicing as the Tender Rib on Branch Ave. in Temple Hills, so maybe this is a regional style, as it is not like any other bbq I've had. Thankfully these were not severely undercooked, but no smoke ring or exterior crunch. I didn't like anything about these ribs.

                                                  2. We have a nice little place like this (homey/dive) in Derwood/Gaithersburg: Blue Ribbon BBQ. It's texas style so stay with the Brisket (either pulled or sliced is great). The spicy-bbq sauce is lip smacking and the brisket beans is a must have side. (Fried Mac and Cheese isn't bad either). Small place with nothing more then a few large TVs (always with Texas/Houston sports running). Give it a try....we like it.

                                                    1. Depends on what you want out of BBQ. One man's acclaimed is another's barely tolerable. As a mis-placed Texan, the only 2 I have found are Capital Q and one in Rockville that the names eludes me right now.

                                                      But with some Tennessee roots I find Famous Dave's to not be that bad after a beer.

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                                                      1. re: drlee_susquespine

                                                        Famous Dave's is good. Out of about 7 trips I once had some dry meat. RH&B also has real smoked, juicy meat and once the technique is down it becomes more of a flavor/subjective thing based on the sauce and rub used.

                                                        RH&B also has about the best potato salad and coleslaw - the sides just ain't takin' up space on the plate!

                                                        I am not claiming they are the best (my ribs are!) but me thinks there is something else at work on when I hear the bashing of those restaurants.

                                                        1. re: 1FASTMF

                                                          I guess its a personal choice thing, but to me, Famous Dave's sucks lemons. I wouldn't go there to even get a drink of water.

                                                            1. re: mightyquinn

                                                              yeah, any BBQ place that is traded on NASDAQ (DAVE) ....

                                                        2. re: drlee_susquespine

                                                          That's so interesting. I'm also from Texas and I despise Capital Q. Been there twice; hoped that the first time was a one-off and it would be good the 2nd time. Nope!

                                                          On a happier note, KBQ in Bowie is awesome.

                                                        3. There is NO good BBQ in the downtown area. Hopefully you're going with time and transportation. We ate our way from one end of the downtown area to the other and only found one great restaraunt. Bangkok One on K Street. We highly recommend the coconut shrimp there. If you're stuck downtown, just save the BBQ idea for another time.

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                                                          1. re: Laralee

                                                            Depending on what you mean by downtown, I suppose there is only one bbq place, Capitol Q, which is not good in my book. Though if you hit Breadline on Friday or Rocklands any day of the week, you might find some very good chopped pork.

                                                            "We ate our way from one end of the downtown area to the other and only found one great restaurant."

                                                            What places did you eat?

                                                          2. Finally tried both Smokeshack Ribs and Dale's BBQ along 210 in Southern Maryland. Nothing to get excited about, or travel for. Not awful, but not 'real' barbecue. At both places I tried the chicken and ribs, which the staff advised me was the way to go. Ribs at Dale's were a bit better, and had a nice pink smoke ring. Collard greens at Dale's were not cooked with a ham hock, so they lack a meaty, smokey flavor. If you live in the area, give 'em a try, but don't go out of your way for these.

                                                            The best BBQ places I've been to are a little place that used to be called Buster's in Stamford, CT, right near the WWF headquarters on US1, Baker's Ribs in Dallas (cheap, imperfect, but still 'real' bbq), Hill Country, Blue Smoke, and RUB in NYC (all good, but 'Newyorkified').

                                                            1. There is a little rib place next to Days Inn Gateway,,BEST RIB JOINT IN DC,,HAHAH..THE SLIGHTLY GREASY BQ SAUCE IS ADDICTIVE

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                                                              1. re: lcolby1

                                                                a quick google maps search would indicate this must be Hogs On The Hill III, possessor of one extremely glowing review on insiderpages.com.

                                                                2003 Bladensburg Rd NE is the street address.

                                                                Take out only.

                                                                This sounds intriguing.

                                                                1. re: southdenverhoo

                                                                  Hogs on the Hill is alright, nothing special though. You're better off going the extra half mile up Rhode Island Avenue to Mister P's. Exceptional ribs.


                                                              2. If it weren't for the iced tea I wouldn't be able to give this place even one star. Some of the worst food I've ever had -- it's an abomination to even breathe the word "barbecue" while sitting in this place. Okay, the sweet potato fries were good too but the brisket... gray,dry, and cold. The ribs looked sickly, like they'd been cooked days ahead. I can't even comment on the sauces. They were simply nothing -- other than being sweet they were flavorless. And don't even get me started on the service. I called for a reservation several days in advance since there were 9 of us. The guy hassled me on the phone about skipping out on the reservation and made me leave a credit card # (okay, I can do that). Then when we got to the restaurant we were told the tables were all taken and that we'd have to wait. I asked about our reservation and was told that they don't take reservations. I should have asked for his credit card! and charged him for wasting our time!

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                                                                1. re: DivaDog

                                                                  It would be interesting to know just what place you were talking about here. There are so many different styles of BBQ and an equally wide range of preferences that your short description of your meal could refer to any BBQ restaurant. The issue about the credit card and reservation, however, is of interest. Did you check to see if your credit card has been misused?

                                                                  1. re: MikeR

                                                                    Oops, I thought I was replying directly to a link about a bbq place in Baltimore, Rub Bar BQ. Our experience still infuriates me! There was no misuse of the credit card thankfully.

                                                                2. I've got a good one - Bethesda Community Store on Old Georgetown has two guys in a little stand with a smoker. They have ribs, chicken, brisket and pork, but I've only tried the pork, which is PHENOMENAL. It's also huge and $6.

                                                                  That said, the sides are crap and I'm not sure about their bbq sauce. We usually get it to go and dress the sandwiches at home.

                                                                  Bethesda Community Store
                                                                  8804 Old Georgetown Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

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                                                                  1. re: reiflame

                                                                    Tried their ribs last night - they were awesome too. I really wish their sides were better, because their meat is so good.

                                                                  2. I loved the brisket sandwich at The Standard at 14th and S (more than I liked their pulled pork). Great onion rings and hush puppies as well.

                                                                    1. Hardy's BBQ truck in the parking lot of the bethesda farm women's market is terrific. Love the half-smokes, ribs, and ribs.

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