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Sep 16, 2005 06:41 PM

Best Burrito in Baltimore?

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I'm a Boston transplant and am longing for the taste of a carnitas burrito from the legendary Anna's Tacqueria.

So... where can a guy find a good burrito in Baltimore? And don't tell me Holy Frijoles. That place sucks.



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  1. La Sirenita on Eastern ave @ Haven St. Good burritos. Try the barbeque goat if they have. Not as good as some of the sf. burritos but darn tasty for this town. such a shame about holy frijoles isn't it?

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    1. re: tc
      The Other Antonius

      Why? What happened to Holy Frijoles??

      1. re: The Other Antonius

        It is more of an urban hipster version of tex-mex... which is fine... than traditional mexican-american cooking like that of several taquerias i used to visit in the mission district of s.f. It's just not my style.

        1. re: tc

          Plus their beans are terrible. If you are going to take that name, make good beans!

          I used to like Burritos Morelense but recent visits have disappointed me...

          You can get beter Tacos than Burritos in Baltimore IMHO.

        2. re: The Other Antonius

          IMHO, has always suu...uh...been bad.

      2. I second the emotion, La Sirenita is in my opinion the best Mexican period. As far as simple fare is concerned.
        Beat around the Broadway area in Fell's Point, and along Eastern Ave. There are many "holes" to try and find which suits you. That area is growing in it's Latino population and there is always a new restaurant or tortilleria popping up.

        1. Not a burrito, but the Taco and Tortillaria place on Eastern Ave just east of Broadway makes an awesome carnitas taco. Love the things.

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            1. re: Hon

              Third! Plus you can pick up a stack of fresh tortillas for dinner!

          1. Have you tried the Midtown Yacht Club? More Tex-Mex, than authentic Mexican, but we like the vibe there. And I second Fells Point as a destination for Latin and Central American foods.