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Sep 21, 2001 08:02 PM

Fish'n'chips near Palo Alto

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Every so often (and especially when by the sea) I get a craving for English-style fish and chips (deep fried fish, thick soggy chips). Does anyone have recommendations, near Palo Alto/Mountain View?

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  1. Two places come to mind: the Rose and Crown (am I misremembering the name?) -- an English-style pub sort of behind the parking lot on Emerson across from Mac's Smoke Shop in downtown P.A. The fish and chips there is perfectly serviceable, but I wouldn't call it great. However, there is a new place in Los Altos on the street parallel to Junipero Serra right near the Post Office. Can't miss it - it says Fish and Chips on a big sign outside. I haven't been there but a friend reported to me that it was quite good.

    Any others?

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    1. re: Rafe Mazzeo
      Susan Woodward

      Try Cook's Seafood in Menlo Park on El Camino. The fries are not distinguished, the cole slaw is okay if you don't mind it a bit sweet, but the deep fried sand dabs are heavenly. Always fresh and sweet, and always perfectly cooked. And nearly always the cheapest of the fish selections (they also have halibut, cod, seabass, etc.)