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Sep 21, 2001 05:56 PM

Chowhound Advice - Italian on Russian Hill ?

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I asked 4 foodie friends for their advice on the best Russian Hill area Italian restaurant for a pleasant, unstuffy, lively evening sharing honest food and wine with a party of 6...

The response I got was different each time...


What's the Chowhound take?

Can someone help break the 4-way tie?

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  1. of the four on your list, i've only been to antica and i can give it an enthusiastic thumbs up. it fits your description of what you want perfectly. the only drawback might be be the size of your party. this place is small so depending on where they put you, it might be a little cramp.

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    1. re: hao

      Thanks... I've peeked into Antica and noticed one or two tables in either window, which might be nice for a party of 6. The rest of the room did seem that it might be a bit cramped for 6 though.

      Anyhow, I appreciate your input.

      By the way... any favorites on the menu?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            ... but, 'Pasta e Ceci' sounds great!

            1. re: JohnnyP

              The owner will give you the story of how pasta and ceci was the comfort dish his mother used to make for him. This is a small place also.

          2. re: JohnnyP

            definitely their version of the panna cotta if it's on the menu.

        1. We were guided to Antica through our hotel concierge last September. We loved the place. Yes, I can see where you might construe the ambience as tight but we liked the liveliness. We were eating kind of light that night: A welcome crudite was presented gratis after we were seated. My husband enjoyed a crisp,well seasoned caesar salad followed by (inhaled), pasta di farro bolognese, while I savored carpaccio and a sweet and juicy heirloom tomato salad. I was the only one having wine and I loved my glass of San Felice.....ouch,can't remember! Service was perfect.I recently sent friends from home there - they were equally happy. It's the kind of place that I would eat at often if it were in my neighborhood.

          1. Definitely Milano.

            1. Well, this won't break the 4 way tie... especially since it's a very untimely post, but a favorite little place of mine is Luna Rossa at 1556 Hyde. DO NOT MISS the gnocchi with truffles. My chowhound standard is, if I find myself continually thinking about the dish for two or three months after I was last there, it makes it into the book. Unfortunately, though I've been to Luna Rossa 4 times, I've always had the gnocchi with truffles (putting me squarely in the chowhound-compulsive category).