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Sep 20, 2001 01:27 PM

Help! In need of a fun restaurant by tomorrow!!

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Help!! I had to cancel my dinner reservations for my birthday on friday at AsiaSF because some of my friends couldn't afford the set-menu they were forcing us to take. I'm looking for somewhere fun in the SF area. Preferably something with entertainment, i.e. dancing; belly or whatever. Or a place that just has an exciting/interesting environment, i.e. sitting on the floor eating with the hands, etc. Or a fun Italian place (and please don't tell me Steps of Rome, my ex works there!) Thanks!!

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  1. If you are more interested in entertainment than the food then Jillian's in the Metron is great. They have pool tables that you can rent, as well as a huge dance floor. They clear out the dining tables by 9pm and a dj goes to work to work the house. The entrees there are so so at best, but the appetizers aren't too bad.

    1. What about Kan Zaman? Up in the Haight, tasty Middle-eastern food, sit-on-pillows environment, frequent belly dancing, hookahs, the whole scene. Very fun for groups, and they can do a very affordable group menu.

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        Thanks for the suggestion...made the reservations.

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        Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

        With a loud festive party, I really like Bucca di Beppo on Howard. Try to get the room with the revolving Pope bust on the table....

        I've been to six locations of this chain, and Howard Street is the laughing-est, performing-servers-est, meeting-folks-at-adjacent-tables-est one of the bunch.