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St. Michaels, MD restaurants

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This is probably a little off the eatin' path but, I'll be staying in St. Michaels Maryland next weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants in the area? It could be lunch or dinner.

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  1. St. Michael's has a few places that are not overpriced, mediocre and touristy, but do yourself a favor and drive a few minutes away to the Inn at Easton. One of the best restaurants in all of Maryland.

    Let me say that my recommendation is based on comments from friends from my church that own a second home in St. Michael's (as well as all the DC area restaurant reviewers). They report that it matches the better spot in DC they have visited. I can say firsthand that I have visited St. Michael's itself 6 times and have yet to find a chow worthy spot.

    Link: http://www.theinnateaston.com/

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      I agree. The Inn at Easton is fantastic. Go.

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        becky brazeel

        I agree with a minor edit: St. Michaels has VERY few places that are not overpriced, mediocre, and/or touristy. We go to Tighlman Island a couple of times a year and just came back from a long weekend. What doesn’t exist in the area to my knowledge is a hole in the wall with perfect seafood. In that location, and what you see on the menu is salmon!

        Some restaurants that used to do some interesting meals at reasonable prices have slipped away. Of these, we used to like Bistro S. Michaels, which is still there, but we haven't been in a while, so I can't comment.

        This time, I had an abyssmal meal at The Town Dock, where we had previously enjoyed meals. Very mediocre crab soup and an overcooked flounder francaise with an egg coating that was rubbery from sitting way too long under the heat lamp. My husband’s ribs were fine, though. If you go to the Eastern Shore to have that kind of food.

        We did have a good lunch of decent crab soup, soft shell sandwich, and fish and chips at Bay 100, which is on the St. Michaels side of the Knapps Narrows bridge to Tighlman Island. Over the years, they have consistently produced a decent piece of fried fish, but we’ve not strayed to much else of the menu except for salads, boiled shrimp, etc. The put huge slabs of ripe local tomatoes on their sandwiches.

        In the past, we have found the Bridge (Tighlman Island side of the bridge) serviceable but nothing more. Haven't been though for at least a year.

        Harrison’s on the island can produce some good straightforward seafood meals but not necessarily. We’ve had very average food there sometimes: too heavily breaded, greasy fried food. On the other hand, last New Year’s weekend we wanted a light meal at the bar. A cup of oyster stew had over 2 dozen oysters in it. I guess the catch was good that week. At the same meal, fried appetizer sizes of clams and mini crab cakes were perfect.

        Years ao, we ate a few times at the Tighlman Island Inn. I once had a pristine fish there that I had seen the chef picking out earlier that afternoon from a fisherman’s boat that pulled up to the dock. There have been chef comings and goings over the years. Anyway, we don't do that any more, as we can do much better in the D.C. area for the price. For the same reason, we have been hesitant to eat at 208 Talbot. I haven’t heard any reports from others that have made me change my mind about either, although we probably will try the Inn at Easton sometime. We’re just not up for driving all the way from Tighlman Island to Easton for a long dinner. At least not for driving back.

        I have another recommendation for Easton, which is good for a lunch on the way to or from St. Michaels. Out of the Fire has some very good food and a good wine list. We’ve never been for dinner, but I suspect it would be equally good.

        The other day, they were full at lunch, so we went around the corner to the pub where we haven’t been in a number of years. We used to think it was good but this time were distinctly unimpressed with the crab soups (both cream and vegetable) and ruben. My steamed clams were ok, but how hard is that? Good beers on draft.

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          well, that last post was from me. not sure what happened there. That is a colleague from Birmingham!! I have no idea about her food likes...

      2. We loved 208 Talbot....pricey, but good.

        1. Highly recommend Bistro St. Michaels. Chef Stein is really doing great things there.
          Also for more casual, continue out toward Tilghman Island and eat at The Bridge - for hard crabs or a number of other really fresh choices. Tilghman Island Inn is very close to The Bridge, and they have a first rate tasting menu and wine selection, and in good weather the outdoor bar is open in the evening with live music to watch the sunsets by.

          Link: http://www.bistrostmichaels.com/about...

          1. I would second the vote for 208 Talbot. Bistro St. Michaels was good, 208 Talbot, excellent.

            1. There is some criticism of the over-priced and touristy aspect of St. Michaels, which should not be a surprise since it is a tourist destination. My girlfriend and I found great food at Bistro St. Michaels and while over-priced, the trick was to sit at the bar (they even have tables for two back there that count as the bar). Then you can eat appetizers, order oysters, have wine or even order off the full menu if you wanted to. We never even made it to a main dish and were able to sample some great food and had plenty to eat. Doing so kept our bill at half it probably would have been for entrees that were a little pricey/over-priced. Enjoy!

              1. Well first and foremost is the Crab Claw.... good old basics.... wonderful hard crabs, delicious crab and shrimp salad, stellar soft-crab sandwich.

                If you're splurging go 208 Talbot. I understand they just opened some outdoor seating, which sounds nice.

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                  I second the Crab Claw! I'm Maryland born and bred, and it's one of my favorite places to eat crabs.

                  I also remember liking Poppi's restaurant for lunch. Not fancy at all, but very small town quirky.

                2. I think many of the above mentioned are very good options.

                  I like the Key Lime Cafe for breakfast/lunch. It is a small little place, but has some good food. They have a good steak salad and nice breakfast. Plus they have homemade key lime pie. Plus it is right downtown so it is convenient for stopping during shopping if you don't feel like going somewhere fancy.

                  They also have a good little coffee shop behind the market with the public parking I forget the name that has baked goods and coffee, I like their iced coffee drinks on a hot day.

                  1. St Michaels is a quaint little town.
                    I love the Crab Claw for good ol' Eastern Shore grub. Crabs are their specialty, but the soft shell and crab cakes are also noteworthy. Very casual. Foxy's is another little spot on the water, nover ate there, but their frozen drinks are good!

                    Nearby Easton is a small town packed with good restaurants. My favorite for a special occasion is 208 Talbot, nothing like it. Also notable in Easton is Out of the Fire on Goldsborough St, a great wine bar with an open kitchen, funky atmosphere. Accross the st is General Tanuki's a great Sushi/Pacific Rim place again with funky artistic atmosphere. Scossa on Washingtom st is a new italian place and of course you have to see the Martini Bar at the Tidewater Inn on Dover St - also a great place for Sun. brunch, but make a reservation!
                    I'm jealous, I love this area, small town with a lot of updated flair! Enjoy!

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                      We had a great meal at Bistro St. Michaels this past weekend. The tables are a bit smushed in there (I guess that's why they termed it a Bistro) but the food was really decent and the staff was friendly. The crab corn chowder was excellent. Prices aren't low but are reasonable.

                    2. Although I've never been, I'm curious as to why, when people ask for St. Michaels restaurant recommendations, the restaurants at the Inn at Perry Cabin are rarely mentioned. Are they worth visiting?

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                        I have never been but have heard great things from my Best Friend who has spent some time there.

                      2. My parents returned yesterday from a weekend at the Inn at Easton (a 15 min. drive from St. Michael's) and would tell you, like the other posters, to make dinner there your first priority. They also ate in St. Michael's at 208 Talbot and had a fabulous experience (as did I last summer). Though on a different par than the Inn. They also had lunch at Scossa, an Italian restaurant in Easton and said they wished they'd had an extra night because they'd have loved to have dinner there. It was written up in the post some time ago.

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                          Just to update this thread...
                          It's that time for DelMarVa again. Going to stay at the Tilghman Island Inn for the St Michaels food festival.
                          I am wondering what new or improved restaurants have opened in the past year. I heard Inn at Easton is closed. How is his new Thai place? Has 208 Talbot improved? Any news and reviews are welcome.

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                            As a local "foodie" :) (Centerville), I am keen to hear feedback as well.  I go to St. Michaels every couple of months to eat.  The new Thai place is called Thai Ki; it's a welcome eclectic addition to the staple seafood eateries that dot the Eastern Shore.  The Inn at Easton is closed now, unfortunately.  It's odd b/c the reviews were great, though I never ate there.  I had dinner at 208 Talbot about a month ago.  They've been under new management for a year or so.  I was impressed with the new layout (e.g., new bar area where you can get small plates, etc.). But the food/service combination was one that I rarely find on the Eastern Shore.  I suggest the braised shortribs... succulent.  They've got a great wine list too.  Enjoy!