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Sep 19, 2001 12:51 AM

The end of Koi Palace..(long)

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I suspect the end of Koi palace is nigh considering the absolute lack of service I suffered there recently. My table ordered the family duck banquet which was quite good value for money, if not a little uneven in quality. This ,however, is not the subject of my complaint. To say that the service was appaulling would be an table jointly refused to leave a tip it was so bad! To recap:

1. Despite reserving a table a day in advance there was none waiting when we arrived.
2. We had to wait 20 minutes to be seated and then it was at a table in a drafty location which we had specifically advised that we did not want.
3. We were then made to wait a futher 20 minutes until yet another drafty table was offered.
4. When we pointed out the relentless misinterpretation of our requirements the waitresses sneered at us and retorted vigourously rather than diplomatically apologising.
5. The waiter didn't allow us time to order a special tea. He appeared with the house blend which he dumped unceremoniously upon the table before departing rapidly.
6. Our table was dirty and we had to ask the waiter to replace chopsticks and bowls which were covered in grease. He didn't bother to do this until we pointed out to him ,as the food was being served, that we had nothing to eat it with!
7. Drinks we requested didn't arrive.
8. There were insufficient serving spoons and dishes acommpanying the dishes..reminding me of the stress experienced eating at Student cafeterias in mainland China!
9.The waiter delivered the wrong desert and when we requested him to return it and bring the dish we had ordered he suggested that we should stick with the one we had as the kitchen had run out of the one we wanted, despite us having sighted the preferred dish being delivered to a nearby table a few minutes before.

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  1. Poor Panpan. What a terrible experience. Yes, I agree with you. Koi is really going to the dogs. Thankfully it has not reverted to serving dog yet. But that can not be too far away. Loved your posts on other Chinese restaurants but I think you need to review in context. I know that you are desperately seeking authentic cuisine but you must realise that you are living in the Bay area and can not expect the food to be the same.

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    1. re: JohnBoy

      "Thankfully it has not reverted to serving dog yet."

      This is inappropriate.

      Do I need to explain why? Come on.

      They are not going to serve dog, and if they did, that would be fine with me. I've eaten dog, and it's delicious. Some cultures believe it's horrible to eat cows, or pigs, others cheese. But these cultures do not go out of their way to make racist accusations or tasteless jokes. This is America, and if a family wants to raise dogs for food in their own backyard, or serve it in a restaurant for those who like to eat it, they should have every right to.

      A few years ago, California voters passed a law outlawing horse meat. No wonder our french fries aren't good here -- in Europe they cook the best ones in horse fat.

      Americans eat mystery meat sausage and hot dogs and genetically altered apples spliced with rat genes -- now what's so taboo about eating dog?

        1. re: dimsum2
          Brandon Nelson

          Come on now...

          I think you missed the spirit of that post. It was a simple play on words. Bringing up "racist accusations" in response is a real reach. There were none.

          I'll venture to guess the rest of the world has a real easy time making fun of eating habits they find odd. They have their cultural biases, we have ours. I have an easy time seeing why a person would be repulsed by the idea of cheese, birds nest soup, menudo, or roasted grasshoppers or escargots. I will admit I find some of these to appeal to me more than others based on my experiences. It doesn't mean I feel that I am superior to those whose cultures readily eat foods I have little experience with. That wasn't the message in that post. It was venom free.


          1. re: Brandon Nelson

            It was still tasteless (no pun). I've heard these jokes my whole life and I find it offensive. Beyond that, why does the state prosecute, say, a Vietnamese family for eating dog, while a pig farmer slaughters away? Because jokes like that lead to intolerance and ignorance. At the very least, it's bad table manners.

            1. re: proud_to_eat_dog

              The difference is that in the State of California, eating dogs or cats is illegal (California Penal Code 598.b (a) ) and eating pigs is not. Eating someone's pet pot-bellied pig would likely be considered illegal in California too, as the prohibition is against eating animal pets or companions. That's the law, and if you don't like it, take it up with the Legislature and don't debate it here.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                I agree with Melanie. Please take this discussion elsewhere. I can't believe the level of silly commentary here. A critique on Koi palace has essentially been diverted to a discussion on dogs. Well for those of you who accused JohnBoy of some implied racism there is a bit of a lesson to be learnt. I know that he cant be bothered responding so I will do so on his behalf. It may interest you to know he is a Northern Chinese from Mainland China...who has regularly eaten dog soup for many, many years. Both he and I are chowhounds from Liao Ning and Jilin. Brandon was right, JohnBoy was ribbing me as he knows I have sworn off eating dog recently because of cruel farming techniques introduced into our provinces..So I think this is a very timely and good lesson for those of you who have placed yourselves in the position of judgement. It turns out that JohnBoy was in a far better position to comment than you..Now you just look silly and racist yourselves..

                1. re: Panpan

                  Thanks Panpan, let's hope that cuts off that useless tangent.

                  And, thanks for introducing your friend and compatriot to us.

                  JohnBoy, are you here in Northern Calif. or observing Panpan's quest for the real deal from afar?

              2. re: proud_to_eat_dog
                Brandon Nelson

                Since you ask...

                There are very strict guidelines for raising, slaughtering, and butchering meat. Since dogs are predators the instance of trichinosis is much higher. The health department exists to prevent such nastiness. Comparing a Vietnamese family to a hog farmer is like comparing apples and oranges. The law treats livestock meant for slaughter differently than pets. You can't start a hog (or dog) farm just anywhere. If land is zoned as residential property you can't farm hogs there. You have to be in an area zoned for agriculture.

                My fiancee would find you eating dog offensive. I am less bothered by it. She is Asian. I am not. Your hurt feelings don't make someone else racist. Such an accusation should be responsibly reserved less it's true meaning will be diluted. I could just as easily point that same lable at you because you think your cultural bias is superior to another chowhounds. I won't though, because it is incorrect. Eating dog, for good or ill, is against the law. Knowing that, eating a dog makes one a criminal. Cultural bias or not, that is the law of this land.

                Please don't misinterpret the spirit of this post. I have no problem with people eating dog. I have no problem with you defending it. In fact I find your stance admirable. Your posts are well written and thoughtful. It is exchanges like these that will steer us away from ignorance and intolerance. Jumping to call them racist won't. Intolerant? Perhaps. Maybe even rude, although I didn't get that spirit. Racism? No. Racism is a much bigger and uglier monster.