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Sep 18, 2001 04:43 PM

Chowhound dinner Helmand Wednesday

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I've been in touch with a few people by e-mail and we've organized an impromptu chowhound dinner at Helmand Wednesday (tomorrow! 9/19) at 7 p.m.

We've still got three spaces left, so if you're available to join us on such short notice, e-mail me at the above address asap.

Helmand is at 430 Broadway, between Kearny and Montgomery, just east of the Broadway "strip".

When I called to make the reservation he thanked me for coming. The guys at the Middle Eastern deli around the corner from my office were looking glum and not terribly busy at lunch time today, too. Let's support the people who've been feeding us all this time.

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  1. It's been posted on the previous Helmand thread that the owner has received threats.

    I'm looking forward to reminding him that most people are not like that.