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Sep 18, 2001 01:43 PM

Veggie Food in Downtown SF

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I work near 2nd @ Mission and would like to discover new restaurants in this area with good, not overly expensive food that is friendly to vegetarians. Most of the restaurants in this part of town that I know are overpriced, mediocre and mostly carnivorous.

Any good recommendations?

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  1. I like Cafe Tomo and Ichiban, which are on 1st between Market and Mission. You can find good Japanese veggie food there for under $5. Also, the Rincon Center food court is wonderful, at Mission and Stuert.

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      An old post's link will lead us to a good list.


      1. re: Hiko Ikeda

        Thanks for the great link-- from both me and my tummy!

        1. re: RedRob

          I think every major bookstore in San Francisco sells travel guides for vegitatians visiting all over the world including San Francisco itself.