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Sep 17, 2001 07:27 PM

Vegetarian fish sauce recipe?

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I'm looking for an actual recipe (with measurements, not just ingredient list) for vegetarian fish sauce. As I don't really know what the real sauce tastes like, and therefore can't just throw something together, actual measurements/proportions would be greatly appreciated. Authentic Thai or Vietnamese also appreciated. BTW, I'm not asking for veg. oyster sauce, which is already available in Asian markets.

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  1. Hi, Lisa--

    I'm not at home, so I can't paraphrase for you, but the Sundays at the Moosewood cookbook has a vegetarian fish sauce recipe that I believe gives amounts. I've never made it, but in general I trust Moosewood cookbooks, so it's probably tasty (though I doubt ANYTHING can truly replicate the taste of fermented fish). You can buy the cookbook at (use the link from the homepage to help support Chowhound). I'm sure you would find other uses for it too.

    Two other quick things. This board is for San Francisco-specific posts, so you probably would have gotten more responses if you'd posted it to the general topics board. Also, we have tons and tons of members, so it will be hard for us to get to know you with an undistinctive nametag like Lisa. Maybe be a bit more creative? Or at least distinct? Thanks!

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      Thanks, Beth. Actually, I prefer to remain semi-anonymous on message boards, but I understand your point. I do have a pretty generic name.

      I posted to this board and the LA board thinking that there would be more of an Asian-food-eating population reading the board from these areas. I'm actually in Santa Barbara.

    2. Some Vietnamese markets in the Bay Area do have vegetarian fish sauce (as well as veggie oyster sauce, which is quite common). The two I've tried were interesting, but nothing close to the real thing.

      1. this is the basic recipe for the fish sauce

        1C coconut soda
        1/2C soy sauce
        3T sugar
        1/2T salt
        1T lime or vinegar

        if you're planning on using this within a day, then just combine all of the ingredients. if you want the sauce to keep longer, then bring the sauce to a boil and it can last in the refrigerator for a couple of months.

        add finely chopped garlic, fresh chili, and julienne carrots and you'll get the same sauce served in vietnamese restaurant as dip for such things as spring rolls, egg rolls, rice plates, etc...

        1. Also wanted to mention that I've come across suggestions for fermented bean sauces or fermented tofu to be added. Any recipes that have these ingredients?