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Sep 17, 2001 07:11 PM

East Bay Chow Please!!

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Please help! We need great mexican, middle eastern, viet, and korean over here (please, not that horrible Korea Palace in Concord)! Contra Costa food freak is wasiting away! Other cuisines are appreciated! Thanks and as they say at my son's school, "For the miracle of food. Enjoy it!"

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  1. I'm not sure if you're asking for restaurateurs to invest in the East Bay or looking for recommendations.

    There are a huge number of posts in the message archives if desperation motivates you to read them. More than half the past messages are less than a year old and should provide some useful tips. Using the search engine on the main page of Chowhound with the terms "east bay francisco" yields 297 messages. You'll find even more if you search on the name of specific municipalities. Please take advantage of the accumulated wisdom shared on this site.

    Here's a link to a thread about Asian restaurants in Concord/Walnut Creek that I found using the search engine.


    1. Here's a link from -- there's a nice diverse selection of cuisine and price range that should guide you. Good luck!


      1. this is really an old posting? 2001? if you're still starving in Contra Costa:; Soi 4 in Oakland has great Thai food on College Avenue
        Ajanta is great Indian food on Solano Ave in Berkeley
        for breakfast try Jimmy Beans on Gilman and 7th street in Berkeley.
        i personally think Lalime's has gone downhill while their prices went way up
        Bay wolf in Oakland is great for lunch. pricey for dinner/good/reliable/great service.
        happy eating

        Ajanta Restaurant
        1888 Solano Ave, Berkeley, CA 94707

        1329 Gilman, Berkeley, CA 94706

        Jimmy Bean's
        1290 6th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

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          Yes, it is a really old posting, and asking about contra costa. I bet that in the last 9 years Ben's Mom has either found some eats or moved on.