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Sep 17, 2001 01:23 AM

Chick ‘n’ Deli aka Shin Toe Bul Yi Korean Restaurant

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This is the place with the non-descript exterior at 2001 Taraval St., SF (415.566.9221) with the signage that says Korean Restaurant on the front and Chick ‘n’ Deli on the side. I was there last month for a chowpicnic subcommittee meeting. The third time in a row that I was the last one to arrive and the reporting responsibilities fell on my lap again, gotta figure out a way to be more prompt!

Anyway, we had a nice dinner that started with a complimentary appetizer of scallion pancake. Not the flaky crisp type you find in Northern Chinese restaurants but instead a soft almost chewy version with lots of egginess and tender spring onions. We ordered the kal bi (beef short ribs) broiled in the kitchen, not cooked at the table. This was the one disappointment as the marinade was not that flavorful and the pieces of thinly-sliced meat didn’t have the intense beefiness expected. The giant squid sauteed with rice cakes and veggies in spicy sauce was delicious presenting all kinds of chewiness. These rice cakes were slender rubbery cylinders bathed in a medium spicy hotness. The small accompanying dishes offered nine tastes of different marinated veggies and dried fishes. The complimentary tofu in spicy soup was also delicious.

The plates of fried chicken served to other tables looked scrumptious. But we were more than stuffed and had to defer trying the chicken for another visit.

One odd thing to mention about the interior is that the windows to the street are covered with shades and rimmed with light blue neon lights. This gives the impression that it’s still daylight outdoors, suspending sense of time. It was startling to check my watch and discover that that it was already 10pm!

For Limster’s prior post, check the link below.


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  1. Do try their tong-dak (bad spelling), or rotisserie-style chicken next time you visit. The side dish it comes with is cubed marinated mu (white radish), which is a refreshing contrast to the toasted flavors of the chicken. Thanks for the reminder of this place.

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      Hmm, sounds like they really are chicken specialists. The chopped chunks of fried chicken looked so spicy and yummy. Now I'm curious about the rotisserie chicken too.

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        Gosh - those pickles were great with the chicken, your post totally brought out that wonderful memory of their sharp tang piercing through the fried flavors of the chicken. hmmmm......

        I just ate there again tonight - got the bul go ki (bbq'd thin beef slices; I'm probably mangling the spelling) - nicely seasoned but perhaps just a tad too dry. The bul go ki with calamari in a hot sauce was better. Loved the well tuned calamari - cooked just right for that tender/chewy balance.

        Like Melanie and gang, we also got the scallion pancakes and a complementary spicy soup with a delicately soft tofu (we call them "water tofu" back home to distinguish them from the coarser variety) and tiny bits of chopped mushroom.

        Among the little dishes that they served with dinner, we really liked the thin slices of tofu, slightly sweet and quite tasty. I also enjoyed the green threads of seaweed as well as the fried anchovies, the latter almost recalls ikan bilis that is commonly served with coconut rice (nasi lemak) in Singapore.