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Sep 16, 2001 06:14 PM

Eclairs - Delanghe vs La Boulangerie

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Had 2 back-to-back eclairs minutes apart at Delanghe on Fillmore (nicely mentioned by garçon a while ago) and La Boulangerie (which we've all talked about recently).

I liked the one from Delanghe more - the pastry was much lighter. My buddy also pointed out that there was a faint spike of booze in it - whether it was on the chocolate coating or the filling I couldn't tell. La Boulangerie's version was not bad (I got the version with the rich chocolat filling) but the crust was just not as ethereal.

Also had a couple of delightful little things from Delanghe (sorry I didn't get the names - it was point and eat):

a marzipan roll coated in chocolate (very good marzipan!)

a bittersweet truffle coated in a hard chocolate shell

a confection consisting of ultra-rich espresso-flavored cream in a shell of chocolate on a little soft, chewy almond cookie

(Also got a canele and a croque monsieur from LB.)

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    Burke and Wells

    Ever encounter someone who says something impossible, like "I hate cheese"? You think to yourself, "Here's a person of taste and culture, whose opinions and thoughts I respect, who suddenly says something absurd like 'I hate cheese'? How can it be?"

    I've discovered almost every time someone utters those words, it's tantamount to saying, "I've never tried real cheese." The moment they do sample a truly great cheese, they're the first to be shocked that they could ever have said they 'hated' cheese.

    Well, I hate eclaires. Or at least I did, until I had the eclaire at Chrighton's on Portola. Wow, what an eclaire--rich to the point of unseemly, so drenched with chocolate it comes with its own saucer-shaped puddle of chocolate hardened like wings into its sides, and filled to bursting with custard.

    So, I never had a real eclaire before, obviously, and now that I have, I can say "I like eclaires!" like the rest of the population.

    Believe it or not, I once said, "I don't like cheese." Until that day, the best I'd ever had was Kraft Singles. I no longer permit myself to be so deprived.



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    1. re: Burke and Wells

      That's why I keep trying things. And chowhound is a great inspiration. Especially eating with chowhounds, where I can try something at low-risk (don't have to order a whole plate of it) and don't have to deal with my mother/sister/friend saying "but I thought you didn't like ...."

      If other hounds are eating it, at least I can try it!

      And I try to remember that just as Peter had only had eaten Kraft singles, there are millions of people out there who hate vegetables (specifically or in general) who've never had a properly cooked fresh vegetable.

      I picked up a hitchhiker once on Highway 1 south of Half Moon Bay (don't usually, but he had an adorable, rather foot-sore looking dog, and I'm a sucker for dogs). He had hitched out from Nebraska, had seen the ocean for the first time a couple of days earlier, and was completely enthralled by all his new experiences. He told me he had always hated Brussel's sprouts, but someone had just given him one fresh from the field, and he'd eaten it raw -- it was sweet and tender and completely unlike anything he'd eaten before. All of a sudden, I understood that of course, people who've only eated canned, frozen or weeks-old cooked-to-sogginess Brussel's sprouts hate them!

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Say what you like, you'll not get me to eat lima beans...

        1. re: Caryl Aaron

          Or tripe...or menudo

          1. re: berkleybabe

            Oh, come on! Show a little backbone! Order the haggis!

        2. re: Ruth Lafler
          Brandon Nelson

          I'm all smiles

          last night Tanya and I had pot roast, artichokes and brussles sprouts for dinner. Tanya hates brussles sprouts "except when you cook them honey". Cruciferous veggies suffer like no others when overcooked. Not only is their texture horrid, but they all develope strong nasty flavors. buy the sprout that are still on the stalk if you can find them. They are far superior to the loose ones.


      2. I have a friend who swears by Delanghe, but it's nice to get another favorable opinion. And, I have to say, what an enviable moment: eclair side by side comparisons. And here I am having leftover fried rice...sigh.