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Sep 15, 2001 05:54 PM

Very nice program on the food network

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"Planet food".

I just saw the second half of one episode about Moroccan food, followed by a program on India.

These British programs are well-produced, nicely photographed and entertaining culinary expeditions across the subject country. The Moroccan show wandered into the large open food court of Marrakech (similar to Singapoor's hawkers' corner), ventured deep into the Atlas mountains to a Berber village with a native guide who was a NY chef and ended on a famous fishing village in the Atlantic whose name escapes me. Lovely show.

The indian program, presented by a charming hostess, traveling from Mumbay to Cochin across the subcontinent was equally fascinating. A segment followed a typical Mumbay lunch from its morning creation in the kitchen of a local housewife through the hustle and bustle, the streets and trains, the bikes and carriers until its final destination on her husband's desk at lunchhour. Another one depicted an old chef in Hyderabad presenting the preparation of a royal lamb biryani enjoyed by dozens of schoolboys in a sunny courtyard. In the next segment, a Cochin chef prepares a fish curry under the palm trees by the water.

Those programs are somewhat lavish productions in comparison to the rest of the Food Network fare, so they are shown fairly often. They are some of the better fare on the Food Network.

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  1. Sounds quite engaging. On what channel and when does Planet Food air in the Bay Area?

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    1. re: elise h

      Planet Food is on the Food Network. It's on channel 35 on AT&T cable in San Francisco -- don't know other cities' channels. You can check the times by going to the food network's website. Here's the link:


    2. I saw both shows in their entirety. My husband, who is Indian, thought the show on India was done quite well. In fact it made him homesick.
      I do have to note the fact that they did pick rather good looking host and hostess for both of the shows. I guess even in the food world, beauty sells better.

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      1. re: Wendy Lai

        I would say that the show "Two Fat Ladies" must be the exception that proves that rule about beauty being the norm on TV? I always loved their show, and still watch the reruns. They are/were such great characters.

      2. Saw the segment on India and was particularly inspired by the older gentleman making Lamb Buryali with rice in a large copper pot over hot coals.

        So inspired that I went out and bought the ingredients to cook this dish at home!

        My version turned out quite wonderfully, but, I can only imagine the glee of those young boys huddled around eating that old man's warm and loving creation of the freshest, most authentic spices and flavors of India.

        Also, I must agree that "Planet Food" is often (not always) one of the Food network's most worthwhile programs.

        1. Just saw the Planet Food episode on Spain. It's nowhere as good as the ones on Morocco and India. It seemed more suited for that cheesy Entertainment Channel (E!), the hostess is a little too overbearing in a supermodel kind of way.

          Still, a few good segments like the paella for 70 by the beach.

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          1. re: garçon

            That was the only episode I saw, and that's my impression, too. Whether something interesting or just easy-to-cover was happening, mostly we saw her, and away we went to another topic.

            1. re: ironmom

              Try to can catch a rerun of the Moroccan episode (which featured a male chef/guide) or the Indian episode (which featured the same Indian-American hostess but in a far less intrusive and more understated role), they are far, far better productions.

              Perhaps they took a more commercial focus in the Spanish episode, quite unfortunately.