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Sep 14, 2001 02:29 PM

From San Francisco to Palo Alto for Corot to Picasso

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As we will be going to the Cantor Center at Stanford for the European Masterworks exhibit, we are in need of recommendations circa Stanford. Since we will have the almost 4 year old chowpup in tow, the spot should be reasonably kid friendly. Since we enjoy all cuisines, cannot really say that we are looking for anything in particular, other than a personal recommendation. Thanks.

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    Judith Hurley

    Depends on your version of kid-friendly, whether it's lunch or dinner, and what day (like will you need a reservation?) If you're going for dinner, I really like Palermo's on University Ave. It's a little old fashioned/traditional, but the food is great, and even though it's "white-table-cloth" I think they'd do well with a small person. If you go on the weekend, you'll need a reservation.

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      randy salenfriend

      Thanks Judith-

      In hindsight, it certainly would have helped had I provided more info. We are going to the exhibit tomorrow, Saturday and are looking for a lunch spot. Is Palermo's a dinner house only? Merci.