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Jul 13, 2005 06:07 PM

Temp Asian (Detail)

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Visited TempAsian today by myself (abandoning my family of Big Mac aficionados) and was impressed again by the staff (seeing that my hand doesn't work well: "You use chopsticks or fork? Okay, I bring you special Chinese fork" - and she brought a large fork that must be the mate for the serving spoons ... how handy!)

Now I've had all 3 "baby wonton" variations - each is almost a meal if you also have scallion pancakes (for instance) - for $3.95 you get 10 wontons that, in my view, are larger trhan "baby size", in a bowl of broth. The "in hot oil" is a Sichuan Peppercorn flavored hot broth, and is my favorite. The "with chicken flavor" is a basic chicken broth that has real depth (enhanced by the teensy shrimp floating in it). The "spicy and sour" broth tastes a bit like hot & sour soup, without peppercorn flavor.

And I had the "shredded pork with garlic sauce" on the "Asian" side of the menu - it was very much like others I've had elsewhere (I like the version at a little place hidden in "Burke Village Center II" on Burke Road) but the portion, for $8.95, was enough for two hungry people (lunch tomorrow ... yay!).

I think I'm going to like it there as I continue to explore the menu.

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  1. Wayne

    Send me an e-mail at the above so that we can get something organized. I have been thinking about working through the TA menu on a more regularized basis.

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      We went a few weeks ago and took pictures of our meal (see link below). It was definately as tasty as it looked. And while I'm still more of a Joe's Noodle House fan, this place is right up there on my list when ever I need a quick szechuan fix.

      Link: http:\\

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        Opps, my bad, I typed in my URL incorrectly. Try this one.