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Jul 12, 2005 05:07 PM

Pre-theater/Kennedy Center

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Any suggestions for a pre-dinner theater on a weeknight(7:30 curtain at the Kennedy Center). Looking for something good, but not a very fancy or "special occasion" type restaurant.

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  1. Cafe Atlantico has a pre-theater tasting menu.


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    1. re: chris f

      Thanks for the suggestion. I think my request was not very clear. I did ask about a pre-theater menu; what I should have asked for was something near the Kennedy Center that I could have dinner at and get out in time for a 7:30 doesn't have to be a "pre-theater menu". But I would like it to be close to the Kennedy Center.
      Sorry for the confusion...
      But any other suggestions?

    2. Is it okay if it's a very short drive? There's not much within walking distance. How about Aquarelle? Dish? Firefly? I don't know if any of them have pre-theater menus, but they're relatively close to the Kennedy Center.