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Sep 10, 2001 06:46 PM

Visiting SF - recommendations on food, esp. Cal cuisine and sushi

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I'll be visiting SF in 2 weeks for 10 days from NYC and would love to get some recommendations for great restaurant picks - especially ones with great food and low cost. I am not averse to spending for the experience if it'll be worth it, however. ;)

I will be going to French Laundry to see if the homage and praise is all true (very excited), and plan on visiting Delfina and Swan Oyster Depot (at recommendation of a friend). I have heard good things about Boulevard and Fringale... these are all kind of pricey places though (apart from Swan) so I would really appreciate some more moderately priced picks.

Also would love to get some great sushi/sashimi recommendations.


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  1. d
    Dean visiting my brother in SF.

    SAJI at 3232 Scott St. 415-931-0563. Head chef/owner:Hideki Makiyama. Worth the wait to sit at the counter. They have tables as well. Quality Sushi prepared skillfully. Sweet shrimp {My brother offered me the fried shrimp heads but I left them all for him.), Ebi, all tuna preparations excellent. Pleasent miso soup. My brother enjoyed some of the various roe offered as well. Vegetable rolls tasted as beautiful as they looked.

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    1. re: Dean visiting my brother in SF.

      If you go to Saji, remember to ply Hideki and his buddies (especially Tomo) with beer and/or sake. Once they get drunk, Saji is hard to beat on the formula

      Enjoyment = ((sushi+atmosphere)/price)^(drunken sushi chef fun)

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        The couple next to us plied all three chefs with Designer Saki. That head chef proceeded to tell us about some of the unique!!! occurences in their private booth. He also seems to have an interest increasing the procreation activities of his patrons. With his HIP body language he clearly must of been a cheerleader in an earlier.

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          Last week I asked the sushi chef at another place for recommendations in SF. He said he used to work at Saji and would recommend it. He said it was very fun to work there, but that I should stay away on Friday nights because it's "too crazy!". (g)

      2. You have some good choices about some Mexican food - maybe La Palma or Pancho Villa? Both are in the Mission neighborhood-La Palma is a market and Mexicatessen - you can get freshly made tortillas, or some tasty tacos/burritos, etc...Pancho Villa is a taqueria with seating - the food is quite tasty here and very reasonably priced. ( as is La Palma ) I like the soft tacos at La Taqueria ( on Mission St. & 24th ) also. All these places are mentioned in greater detail if you do a search. It's a good time to visit...the weather is usually nice and things are less hectic.

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        1. re: gordon wing
          Shep aka 2 Cheap Hungry Guys

          If you do hit the Mission, cruise the street--on foot--from, say, 16th to 24th, and look for a street stand selling elotes. These are ears of corn--not new, sugary corn, but more mature, experienced corn--usually steamed or boiled, occasionally roasted, dripping with lemon juice, butter, and chili powder to taste. Add grated Parmesan if you like. Now that's real California cuisine!

          (Actually, Shep thought Doggie Diner was real Cali cuisine, but that's another thread...)

        2. Your timing is good - oysters are just in season. :)

          Look through the archives - there's been a number of very similar threads regarding recommendations in general and sushi in particular.

          1. b
            Burke and Wells

            You've got great recommendations here. Let me second Fringales--I had the best wild mushroom soup of my life there. Had a dollop of creme fraiche in it that made it taste silky, really highlighted the earthy taste.

            Get reservations, though--small place.



            1. I would not eat in a restaurant that serves low cost sushi/sashimi. The quality and taste are not good.

              "especially ones with great food and low cost"

              "Also would love to get some great sushi/sashimi recommendations"