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Sep 9, 2001 10:43 PM

Get your Cheese Pride buttons...

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OK, it's another plug for Rainbow's Cheese Department (I swear, I do not work there!), but I was by there today and they were giving out free "Cheese Pride" buttons, with the aforementioned slogan, a picture of a wedge of cheese, a smiling cow cartoon and a banner saying "rainbow grocery cooperative".

They also had some new epoisses ($10.95 a wheel!) in stock, in case you need another excuse to go there.

Now I ask you... if they weren't serious about cheese, would they have printed up these buttons???

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  1. Good to hear your passionate raves about this place. From your last post, there were a fair number of folks that also gave it a thumbs up too. Don't worry, there are probably more lurkers out there who are checking places like these quietly and might not post a word even though they like the stuff. Share with us your other chow experiences.