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Sep 9, 2001 10:41 PM

Udon, Indian movie food?

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Two questions (or challenges) for everyone, if I can't get an answer here, I don't know where it'll come from:

For the longest time I've been trying to find fresh, authentic Japanese Udon noodles. The packaged variety you find in the states is always too mushy. (Udon should be firm and slightly chewy) Does anyone know a place that either makes it, or imports the fresh kind, frozen maybe?

Thanks in advance.

Second, I caught one of those weird SJ Mercury news ads on TV, the ones where people read from the paper, all shot in kind of grainy black and white. It seemed to feature some kind of Indian movie theatre, and they showed a quick shot of the lobby, in which there seemed to be some kind of snack-bar serving Indian food. Anyone know if this place actualy exists, and where it is?

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  1. Can't help with the udon but I can with the Indian movies. The NAZ cinema is in Fremont on 39400 Argonaut Way in Fremont. 510. 797-2000 Or check out their website. They have Indian movies and also other Asian films according to their website...and yes a snack stand that might not have malted milk balls.


    1. Mifune in SF's Japantown makes the best udon imo. There is a Mifune 2 and a Iroha that all carry similiar menus so I assume they are under the same ownership. I agree that most other restaurants have mushy udons, but I've been a fan of Mifune for a long time.

      1. DOn't know about the udon, but try contacting the SJ Mercury News for info on the TV commercial.

        Good luck!