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Sep 9, 2001 06:01 PM

Bargain AND To-Die-For California cuisine in North Bay???

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Is there anyplace in the Santa Rosa area that you can get really a GREAT meal (California cuisine) for a really GREAT price? My husband and I are sort of new to the area, and we find that you either seem to get one (great food but expensive) or the other (cheap but only so-so food) around here, or else neither (so-so AND expensive). --Also, if it's not too much to hope for, is there such a place open on a TUESDAY (we work in a restaurant ourselves--and that's our day off!).

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  1. Funny, but Tuesday does seem to be problem in the North Bay. For good food at a reasonable price we like Kenwood Restaurant in Kenwood, and I hear that La Haye in Sonoma is very good. What I like about Kenwood is the lunch menu...much like the dinner menu. So many places only serve abbreviated fare for lunch, and we prefer daytime travel and eating. Better check the Tuesday problem for both.

    1. Welcome to Sonoma County!

      Have you tried the cafe in Willow Wood Market in Graton yet? Maybe not GREAT, but it's certainly inspired regional cooking for not much money and a local favorite.

      Here's a link to an earlier thread with many local recommendations. You should also try using the search engine on Chowhound's main page for other Sonoma and Santa Rosa recommendations. Tons of stuff in the archives.

      See you at the harvest parties!